Flower Power Coffee Co.

Flower Power Coffee Company specializes in infusing coffee with CBD. The company’s beauty is in its simplicity. Coffee, a favorite amongst many, is the lifeblood for a considerable amount of working adults. This is why Flower Power has decided to choose the popular beverage as its medium, and infuse it with CBD for ultimate comfort.

How It All Started
The business was born in July of 2017. It took the team three months of extensive work and research to fine-tune their formula. Once they were able to perfect the doses and processes, their website went live. They’ve been in full swing ever since.

Flower Foundation
The New York-based company ships to all 50 states. They have expanded beyond the national reach by forging a partnership with a UK-based distributor, now giving them a base to ship all over Europe.
The proprietor, Chef Leighton, is just as colorful as the business and the product itself. Leighton brings over fourteen years of culinary experience.  He trained in the UK, Ireland, and much of Europe before bringing his expertise to the United States. He loves to experiment with different types of ingredients and flavors to make unique and exciting creations. His passion for cooking and the medical benefits of cannabis led him to create the first-ever CBD-infused dinner in New York. His wife, Beth, serves as a self-described “Jill-of-all-trades” for the company. The other two members on the team are Dr. Craig Leivent, who has degrees in pharmacology and botany, and Terry N. Bouvier, a business adviser with more than 20 years of experience.

The Inspiration
The inspiration behind the business was due to the founders’ goal of properly introducing CBD to the general public. They wanted to have a more creative way to introduce cannabis while breaking down the stigma around it. They went straight to the drawing board to think on ways to properly infuse CBD into an everyday consumer item. That’s when coffee came to mind.
Coffee is consumed by roughly 80% of the global population, and is a simple, non-threatening medium to introduce CBD to the market through.

Flower Power is passionate about CBD due to the associated benefits reported in recent research and studies. Another main factor behind their push is the opiate epidemic in the United States. CBD is a viable and much safer alternative. Flower Power is about bringing a better quality of life for these potential patients.
The company believes CBD should be introduced to the general public in a way that it would not alter one’s daily routine. CBD consumed in commonly used products is the perfect solution, and in turn, coffee proved to be the best product to infuse.
“Our mission is to provide coffees and edibles that will enhance the life experience of health-conscious consumers through the use of legal, non-mind-altering infusions. We value the importance of giving back to the community, creating new jobs within Flower Power and our affiliations/partners, supporting worthy nonprofits, and fundraising to benefit the community. We believe in the value of friendship, education and working with companies who have great products and/or with whom we can collaboratively develop innovative products.”

To learn more about Flower Power Coffee Co., visit flowerpower.coffee .



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