Ganja Goddess Getaway

Ganja Goddess Getaway hosted their Joshua Tree event in April 2017 at a private sanctuary overlooking the desert. Cannabis loving women gathered at a local store to catch the shuttle, and really get away from it all… all except that sweet, sweet cannabis.

Deidra Bagdasarian, aka Miss Bliss, teamed up with Sailene Ossman, aka Mama Sailene, to create the Ganja Goddess Getaway series. Their goal — to give cannabis-minded women the opportunity to connect with the cannabis plant and other ganja goddesses. As Mama Sailene said, “This is a gorgeous female plant, let’s honor her!”

Miss Bliss is also the co-founder of Bliss Extracts and Edibles, one of the event’s sponsors who provided delicious samples like AK-47 live resin, and macaroons with 30 mg of THC. They also kept the dab bars well stocked with a variety of concentrates, including Gorilla Glue live sugar, Serious Happiness nug run, and Sweet and Sour Widow CBD nugrun oil.

A self-proclaimed weed girl to the stars, Mama Sailene started an all-female delivery service in 1998 in the Los Angeles area. You can also find her serving up cannabis cooking tips and cannabis pairings on her show “Smoke in the Kitchen.”

I learned a lot from the speaker series, women’s panel, and even the gift bags. They focused on women’s health and obstacles faced by women in the cannabis industry.

To keep the bodies moving, there was ganja yoga with Ashley Barnes, Belly dancing with Rachel True, and a Sunday morning hike to the Oasis.

Bōsm Wellness founder, Raea Campbell, gave a brilliant talk on breast health and how cannabis can help keep your bosom high and healthy. They carry a massage oil, infused with cannabis and essential oils, to be used for breast massages, a natural and healthy way to promote immune system function and overall wellness. “The oils penetrate breast tissue, boosting blood circulation and encouraging the lymph system to drain away free radicals and other toxins,” Raea said. Samples of the oil were in our gift bags, along with a very informational pamphlet with how-tos on breast massage. For me, this was the heart of the getaway: learning about this product, and the compelling story behind its beginnings.

Saturday also offered a Tarot and ganja workshop, as well as individual card readings by appointment, an outdoor comedy sesh by the campfire, and the Women in Cannabis panel.   

The women’s panel featured these ganja goddesses: Mama Sailene, LisaMarie Gonzales of The Hawgs Breath Company, Dr. Michele Ross, author of “Vitamin Weed,” Charlo Greene, host of The Weed Show, Elise McDonough, noted cannabis journalist, and Olivia Alexander, aka Weed Bae, social media influencer. Some highlights included Gonzales’s
no-till, all organic farming methods and cannabis juicing recommendation, and Greene’s reflections on the live, on-air comment that made her famous, “F*ck it, I quit” to go fight for cannabis. Dr. Ross’s discussion of how endocannabinoids can regrow brain cells was very informative and

One of the most unifying things the panel touched on was the sentiment that more research and activism is needed.
Alexander suggested, to anyone looking to get into the cannabis industry right now to “Be a scientist. Get involved with research. Be a political activist. Get involved in politics.”

Day two of the weekend retreat, Sunday, the morning hike was followed by the Gardening Like a Goddess class by Gonzales. Then, Ashley Barnes served up Ganja and the Erotic, and Women’s Wellness was led by Rachel True.

Some activities were ongoing throughout both days. The Puff, Puff, Craft table had art supplies and quilting materials for the Ganja Goddess Giveback. There was face and body painting, a tie dye station, two dab bars, and a photo booth to entertain oneself between general sesh classes.

Healthy snacks, meals, and nonalcoholic beverages — with and without cannabis — were always available, especially important in case of the munchies. From falafel to pad thai, tasty meals and good vibes flowed from the kitchen along with plenty of coffee for the caffeinated cannabis consumers. One River Herbals shared their Purposeful Teas, handcrafted with potent herbs. Cannabis infused snacks by Zendo and Pura Vida filled the goodie bags. For hash fans, Kine Candy’s Peaches and Cream hard candies delivered 15 mg of THC in a reliably simple, yet solid fashion.

To keep the goddess treatment going back in the real world, the gift bags carried luxury. Kush Queen’s bath bombs boasted a 1:1 ratio of CBD:THC with 25mg of each, and organic lavender, chamomile, and frankincense essential oils. The non-medicated peppermint sugar scrub, Sap Off, by The Hawgs Breath is perfect for dirty hands. I recently used it after cleaning my pipe, and can see how it would work great for gardeners, farmers, and trimmers too.

The topics covered during the workshop series were thought provoking and important, especially the call to action for scientific research and political participation. It may be a rough road to blaze, but blaze we must. And when things get too rough, imagine that campfire, blazing, and joints puffing around, and pass to the left.

For more information about Ganja Goddess Getaways or Bōsm Wellness, visit and on Instagram @GANJAGODDESSGETAWAY

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