Get Excited: West Hollywood’s Cannabis Cafes are Coming!

When we heard that LA was getting bonafide cannabis cafes in the city of West Hollywood late last year, we thought for sure that the race was on. Here we are months later and it looks like an eternity of red tape may finally be coming to a close as cannabis company Lowell Farms recently announced that their space was coming to fruition after a long wait.

Just eight licenses were granted by the West Hollywood Business License Commission and Lowell Farms looks like one of the first to open.

The space is described as a “modern, lush indoor/outdoor oasis with artisanal touches and a thoughtful use of natural materials,” the cafe will serve patrons indoors, outdoors, and during both day and nighttime. That fits in beautifully with every type of cannabis consumer, as needs vary greatly. 

Food will have a farm to table focus, but for the time being, dishes won’t be infused. 

Chef Andrea Drummer said in a statement to press, “We are excited to set the example, one we do not take lightly, and demonstrate how it can be responsibly integrated into society. It is a historic moment not only for cannabis, but the country as [a] whole. We are proud to bring the first-ever cannabis restaurant to the United States, and it’s gratifying to open a space that will foster educational and responsible consumption.”

Much like a sommelier, a Flower Host will help guests choose cannabis, which will also be farm to table, to compliment Drummer’s menu. It is every bit what we’ve been waiting for! Until September comes, we will be salivating, as well as waiting eagerly for the remaining seven businesses to put out their plans. West Hollywood is about to become even more of a cannabis haven!

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