Green Leaf Warrior: Jamie Goswick

One Woman’s Mission to Tip the Scales of Injustice


  Jamie Goswick is a normal person like you and I. Perhaps I should say she is a NORML person like you and I. Jamie is on a mission to help break the negative stigmas and stereotypes associated with cannabis through activism and education. She’s a ganjapreneur and cannabis business owner who’s helping to make a positive difference throughout the cannabis industry not only in Michigan, but worldwide.

  Her actions serve as inspiration and encouragement for others looking to enter into this bold industry, or for those who are simply looking for someone to stand up and be their voice. Jamie lives in Grand Haven, Michigan, but her presence is felt across the U.S. She is currently the chairwoman for West Michigan Women Grow as well as the owner of Canna Media Works and Fresh Coast Marketing.

  Jamie is no newcomer to media or the cannabis community. Jamie received her B.S. in Mass Communications, Broadcast Journalism from West Texas A&M University in 2004.  After a successful career in broadcast journalism writing the script for a morning show, Jamie realized she loved online media.

  With a love of media and a dedication to succeed at all she sets out to accomplish, it wasn’t long before Jamie had her sights set on working in marketing for one of the Vail Resorts in Colorado. When she got the interview for her dream job as a marketing manager for Keystone Resorts, she realized that she had topped out in the ski industry as she would have to take a $15k per year pay cut to have her dream job.

  This obviously wasn’t going to cut it. While living in Summit County, Colorado Jamie saw another side of cannabis and it changed her life. The negative stigmas and stereotypes that have been associated with cannabis for years were being exposed for the misinformation that they were and Jamie embraced the cannabis lifestyle with an open mind.

  Jamie uses her charismatic charm to bring a powerful presence to the table for cannabis consumers across the country. She hosts a Facebook group called the MJ Business Innovations Support Group, in which she conducts and promotes educational webinars tailored to the cannabis industry.

  Fresh Coast Marketing and Canna Media Works provide online marketing options as well as consulting opportunities for aspiring business owners. Jamie applies her love for social media and marketing to helping her clients succeed.

  As Chairwomen of West Michigan Women Grow, Jamie provides mentorship, education, and encouragement to other women who are looking for support with their endeavors in the cannabis industry. To inspire, encourage and motivate is not just a title or another job for Jamie, it’s a way of life. It’s a passion that she carries with her daily.

  When it comes to positive cannabis reform and education, Jamie Goswick is a true green leaf warrior, who helps people everywhere learn and understand the truth about this very misunderstood plant. If you’re considering the path to becoming a ganjapreneur in Michigan yourself, then you may want to contact Jamie. She has all the services you need to get off to a successful start in this beautiful green industry.

  Education is the key to a greener tomorrow. A healthier happier planet is within our grasp. Individuals such as Jamie are imperative to the successful momentum the cannabis movement is seeing. Women are, and have always been, the backbone of our country. Influencing shopping trends and financial decisions. They kept our country going through times of war by running our farms and factories. Women will once again be the determining factor in cannabis legalization and positive reform across the country.

  As this writer likes to say “A single seed can tip the scales of injustice towards the favor of the people,” Jamie is a living example of that seed, supporting the many women of cannabis and listening and learning to teach others with open ears and compassion. Together we all can bring about the positive and necessary changes needed in cannabis reform to make life a bit better everywhere.

To learn more about Jamie’s endeavors, visit, and/or Connect with her on Twitter at @JamieGoswick.


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