Charisse Harris, VP and President of Compliance and Auditing

Charisse Harris exemplifies the importance of interpersonal relationships and the capacity for upward mobility in the cannabis industry when the [...]

Humble Bloom – Turning Purchases into Purpose

Utilizing their platform for the benefit of others, Humble Bloom’s founders Solonje Burnett and Danniel Swatosh have the meritorious goal [...]
Breonna Taylor memorial

Breonna Taylor Case Settlement

The death and subsequent controversy over the death of Breonna Taylor has developed further into a lawsuit and settlement involving [...]

After Several Cannabis Companies are Targeted, Industry Members Come Together to Offer Support and Security

Shared Fear and Support in the Cannabis Industry By Melissa Hutsell Cover photo: Volunteers gathered to paint and board up [...]

DIY Infused Coconut Oil For Your Food, Body, and Everything Else

By now, we’re all down with the wonder cream that is coconut oil. But we’ve doubled the miracles it brings [...]
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HighLights Episode 2

Join your favorite publishers in Episode two of HighLights as Honeysuckle Magazine’s Publisher, Ronit Pinto, burns one down with their [...]

Closing Dispensaries Is Unethical in More Ways Than One

In the wake of the Coronavirus Pandemic, many states are battling with the idea of keeping cannabis dispensaries open as [...]

Op-Ed: Want to Improve Patient Relationships? Let Them Express Their Preference

Submitted by Jeff Jarvis, PossibleNOW staff   Selecting preferences is commonplace in our digital world. Users subscribe or unsubscribe from [...]

Feel Alright: 5 Reasons I’d Return to Jamaica

When attempting to describe Jamaica, it’s easiest to turn to the lyrics of the country’s most legendary king. “Let’s get [...]