Grow with the Pros: Green Fuse Product Review


   GreenFuse Growth Stimulant is a little known, yet effective, product that comes in handy this time of year. For many gardeners it can be worrisome to plant cannabis  due to the fear of plants prematurely flowering. If planted too early, plants revert to a flowering phase, causing crucial growth time to be wasted because plant growth stagnates during the time it takes for them to revert back to the vegetative phase. Much of that worry can be lessened with GreenFuse.

GreenFuse Growth Stimulator is a highly concentrated, 100% natural plant growth nutrient supplement blended from pure plant oils and extracts. It also contains hormones that help keep plants in the vegetative phase. I found that by applying this at the recommended doses in the latter part of May/early June it has helped prevent my plants from flowering in the spring when daytime hours are at the minimum for vegetative growth. I found this product to be particularly effective for strains like Black Berry Kush and Mr. Nice, which are two of the more notorious strains that prematurely flower. If you are worried that your plants might flower early, or if you are taking precautionary steps to try and prevent that from happening, head to your local garden store and give this product a try.

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