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Though the company’s logos and namesake are apparent – a Hibiscus flower – it so simply communicates the company’s goal of providing holistic treatments. “All of the products bear the Hibiscus flower logo, which communicates a lot of critical elements all at once, in simple fashion — much like the products and brand itself. Minimal colors black, white, and red communicate simplicity, vibrancy, and sophistication.”

lipbalm Hibiscus Topicals’ lines of award-winning treatments have quickly become world renowned, since the business officially launched just one year ago. The multi-level wellness company offers customers a variety of CBD-infused food and health products including lip balm, skin cream and even candy.

Founder and product developer, Sam Tayyari, says making it to the one-year mark is rewarding, since approximately 50 percent of small businesses fail during the first year. After establishing the business in May 2015, Sam continues to earn recognition for his high quality — and high dose — products while successfully combining his personal passion with innovation and sustainability. All of the company’s products are entirely organic, and contain no GMOs or chemicals.

The holistic line of body care products are made from a variety of CBD extracts and concentrates, derived from both hemp and cannabis. Depending on the product, explains Sam, treatments contain anywhere between 30 percent CBD oil to 99 percent pure CBD crystalline.

In 2015, Hibiscus Topicals took home a 2nd place award for ‘Best Topical’ at the World Cannabis Cup, which was held in Negril, Jamaica. “The award was for our Hibiscus Organic Healing Cream infused with 200mg CBD, the highest amount per ounce offered anywhere,” says Sam.

“The plan to get into topicals came to me the day after I took home my first award for a CBD/cannabis infused pizza sauce that I created (Canapa Edibles, 2nd Place, Best CBD Edible, SoCal 2015).” He adds, “I was struck by the notion of dual medicating, or as I call it, the ‘two prong approach to pain.’“

Like edibles, topicals can do wonders for pain, says Sam. But unlike edibles, topical treatments can be used all day to effectively treat pain. “Most people work during the day and cannot medicate until they arrive home, so that’s where the topicals come into play: helping the patient find relief until they are able to come home and fully medicate. By approaching pain from both an internal and external perspective, the patient can find more relief than they could have imagined possible.”

In addition to his natural knack for crafting CBD infused concoctions, Sam’s pursuit to create fresh and organic cosmetics was motivated by his travels to the Fiji Islands. “I made a very strong connection to nature, as the Fijians regard their environment very highly. This profound respect for the Earth and the fruits it bears was both touching and inspiring.” He adds, “In Fiji, there is no organic or non-GMOs because that’s how things have been growing there since the dawn of time. We see our environment and ingredients the same way.”

gummiesMost of the simple lists of ingredients found in Hibiscus Topicals are sourced from the Fiji Islands. “They not only smell and look beautiful, but most importantly, they help patients with a variety of conditions,” Sam adds, which include; back/neck or muscle pain, psoriasis, very dry or itchy skin, lupus sores, radiation scars, eczema, acne, and sunburned lips.

In accordance with his commitment to sustainability, Sam sources some ingredients – such as hemp – from the European Union because, he explains, “They have looser restrictions on chemical dumping, so therefore there will be more undesirable foreign elements in the soil. Since hemp is an accumulator plant, it tends to draw out a lot of those toxins from the soil. These are the kind of issues we consider anytime we add a new ingredient or supplier to our tribe.”

“We are always working on new products and natural alternatives in cannabis health and look forward to unveiling some new products at the next cannabis cup event.” But customers don’t have to wait until the next event — Hibiscus Topicals has just launched their CBD line of gummies, which have already become a staff and customer favorite. “We decided to incorporate some edibles into our brand to create more awareness and to educate people about the ‘two-pronged approach to pain’ and how internally and externally medicating at the same time can help them find a lot of personal and physical relief.”

The most rewarding part for Sam is seeing the difference he makes. “There are many challenges involved with running a business, particularly in the cannabis space, and that all goes without saying,” he adds, “At the end of the day, what makes it all worth it is when you receive a two-page email from a patient detailing how your product changed their quality of life.” The business also allows Sam to give back.  “We support a few causes that are important to us, like Let Freedom Grow, which supplies aid to non-violent pot prisoners so they can attain toiletries and call time on the phone to family that they would not otherwise be provided.”

Sam’s entrepreneurial and philanthropic endeavors continue to promote a higher quality of life throughout all aspects of the cannabis community.

To learn more about Hibiscus Topicals’ mission, products, or to find a store near you, visit HibiscusTopicals.com

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