Home Is Where The Hearth Is

Home Is Where The Hearth Is

Raven Ridge Retreat

Story by Nathan Butler | Photos by Larry Ulrich


Trinidad is one of the earliest settled villages on the North Coast. It boasts a rich sailing and pioneering history. The pleasant atmosphere and unique businesses will easily spirit away your afternoon. It teems with parks, beaches and hiking trails the likes of which any community could envy. Sagaciously situated a scant mile from these world-class adventures perches the Raven Ridge Retreat.

Larry and Donna Ulrich have an eye for beauty. As professional photographers they have 40 years experience in that field. When they saw the beauty of the ocean, the historic aesthetic of Trinidad, the pond and waterfall all juxtaposed together, they knew they had something special. This is no mere hovel. This home is 2,600 sq. feet. It has two stories, two porches, two bedrooms and two baths.

If some fright brightens your night, the front patio with built-in fire pit offers an opportunity to have the ghost stories without the hassle of packing up a tent in the morning. The old adage, home is where the hearth is, takes on another meaning when the nights begin to get cooler and counting on the heaters in hotel rooms can be less than reliable. If you are going on a trip or just want to get away why bother with all the misery? At The Raven Ridge Retreat you can stop in Trinidad, grab a flick and pop it on while you enjoy the comfort of a home away from home.

I know what you’re  thinking. “Well at home I have my pet iguana named Larry. It’s not really home without an animal companion.” Raven Ridge Retreat has that covered. Every guest is offered the chance to get to know an affable cat named Bunky. He is the feline resident and enjoys getting to know the various visitors. If you prefer to be left alone to your book of lore, the neighbor will look after the cat at your chamber door.

Raven Ridge Retreat is a great opportunity to see the sights without having to feel like a vagabond. It is pretty hard to take your home with you, but isn’t it nice to know that there is a hot tub and a friendly cat named Bunky out there? If home is where the hearth is, then it is nice to know we all have our own little home away from home.

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