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By Sharon Letts

Humboldt Medicine Series

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 After suffering through a diagnosis of Lupus in 1996 Humboldt Heritage Farms principal, “Jane,” began medicating for symptoms on the advice of then California physician Dr. Todd Mikuriya by vaporizing dried Cannabis flowers, then making infused medibles (medical edibles) and tea to ingest. She eventually healed her body, keeping her off what can be a long list of pharmaceuticals, through what is known as a damaging and progressive, multi-symptom illness with no cure.

  The late Dr. Mkuriya dedicated his life to educating patients on the medicinal benefits of Cannabis after taking a position with the U.S. Government to debunk a 1973 study by Dr. Raphael Mechoulam from the University of Tel Aviv at Israel showing the plant as being medicinally beneficial, specifically in putting cancer and tumors into remission.

  After one year on the project Mikuriya announced he could not disprove the plant, resigned his position, and continued to advocate, eventually co-authoring Proposition 215, making California the first State in the Union to allow Cannabis as medicine.

Listening to our Bodies

  California patients lucky enough to be counseled by him had life changing experiences with the plant, and Jane’s journey was no different. Using biofeedback and Cannabis, Jane said she was able to achieve balance in her body and a return to good health. She learned how Cannabis works with the body by bringing our own systems into balance. This process is often referred to as homeostasis.Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 11.33.47 AM

  “When I notice something funky going on in my body I don’t need it to yell at me with big symptoms – I listen to the whisper,” Jane explained. “I typically do not need a saturation dose – an inhaled dose is usually enough. It’s tricky dealing with an autoimmune disorder, because when people are in pain the last thing they want to hear is that it’s all in their head. Being aware of the mind/body connection is half the battle.”

  Having a positive self-image, using positive affirmations, and practicing gratitude, Jane felt, were keys to her healing, and she considers them equal to Cannabis and other plant-based therapies.

  Jane believes she could have easily given into the diagnosis and descended into a life of pain meds, but reported that in one month’s time using Cannabis, she had no joint pain at all, with every symptom showing from the point of diagnosis gone.

Back to the Garden

  The “kitchen garden,” once a main-stay at every back door in urban America, is making a comeback with the knowledge of what Cannabis can do, ironically inspiring many to put on apothecary aprons. Oftentimes the inspiration comes from the desire to help loved ones with serious ailments where traditional treatments have failed, with more healing ensuing than one can imagine. Once you know, it then becomes a calling to spread the word.

  The most misunderstood element of Cannabis is the THC, or Tetrahydrocannabinol, the psychoactive compound in the plant. During the past 50 years we as a species have upped the THC for recreation – with much of the work happening right here within the Emerald Triangle.

  While medicine makers and patients like Jane acknowledge the importance of THC in the mix, especially for putting cancer and other serious ailments into remission, many have issues with the psychoactive effects.

  “I’m an advocate for rich medicine, and teach about building tolerance and learning how to handle a heavier dose, if needed,” Jane explained. “Don’t get me wrong, I love and acknowledge CBD, but I am not one for isolating Cannabinoids.”Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 11.33.27 AM

  That said, Southern Humboldt hybridizer, the late-great Lawrence Ringo, worked to bring the THC back down, while upping the CBD or the non-psychoactive Cannabinoids of the plant. Ringo developed strains we are familiar with now, such as Harlequin and AC/DC, that were eventually parlayed into the now infamous CBD only strains in other states.

  Humboldt patients have long benefited from the medicine coming from the many strains being hybridized and grown here. In medically legal states, medicine makers feel the freedom to share and make products to a point. In legal states they feel safe in setting up tables, promoting more healing and better education.

  After putting and keeping her own Lupus in remission, Jane was compelled to help others, creating Humboldt Heritage Farms, taking her products to market, and holding workshops so that others may learn and spread the good news.

Just a plant

  Jane’s list of herbal allies has grown throughout the years, adding other beneficial plants to the mix over time, as her knowledge of medicinal herbs has grown.

  “I love experimenting with this versatile and magical plant, and have all kinds of fun, personal recipes, from sweet to savory and everything in between,” she shared. “When you have a serious illness, such as Lupus, MS, or cancer, you must learn to keep the medicine of plant-based concentrates in your system to build your auto-immune system for real preventive care, not just deal with symptoms.”

  Her knowledge of the plant and remedies made prompted her to create workshops where others can learn and benefit, as making medicine with plants is not rocket science – it’s typically a matter of steeping, stove-top cooking, and blending together the right plants for specific ailments.

  “We have been giving introductory classes on ‘Cannabis Medicine,’ at Essential Elements in McKinleyville, where anyone can learn about plant-based medicine – with no 215 card necessary, as it’s an informational class only,” Jane said.

Teaching how plants work with the human body is an important focus of the introductory class, as it enlightens attendees about the illusive Endocannabinoid System – the one biological system explained as working with the plant over centuries, helping to develop the human Endocrine System.

  “They don’t teach doctors about the Endocannabinoid System in medical school,” Jane explained. Understanding how it works is everything. Humans were meant to ingest plants, and all plants have Cannabinoids. It’s a food group unto itself, and it works with all our biological systems like no other synthetic man-made medicine can.”

  The list of remedies coming from one small farm’s kitchen is impressive, to say the least, with all strains grown organically, outdoors in the sun, the way nature intended.

  “Our ‘Calm Balm’ and ‘Peace Grease’ topical lotions soothe sore muscles, deep tissue damage, and nerve pain,” Jane adds. “Patients helped include those suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, and nerve pain, to name just a few ailments.”

  The farm’s “Full Extract Cannabis Oil,” or “FECO,” is known to many as a “miracle cure,” with its counterpart referred to as “Rick Simpson Oil,” or “RSO.”  One is made with grain alcohol in a distillation method, the other cooked down with solvents. Both are reminiscent of what big pharma could make with the plant for us. The latter, RSO, was reformulated by Canadian Rick Simpson more than 15 years ago for his own terminal skin cancer, putting it into remission and now shared throughout the world via word of mouth.

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This strong Cannabis oil is used for treating acute illness, cancers and tumors, autoimmune diseases, and other serious ailments concerning all of our biological systems, including cardio, neurological, central nervous system, all of the organs, and the digestive system. Anecdotal stories include the remission of the most invasive cancers, treating dementia and stroke, putting MS, ALS, and Parkinson’s into remission – the list goes on.

  “We mix the extract with coconut or olive oil and fill up capsules for easy dosing,” Jane advised. “This mix, referred to by the farm as “Healing of the Nations Extract” is a strong dose for real illness.”

  This writer uses the strong oil concentrate as a replacement for 10 prescription meds previously needed for sleep and other Menopausal symptoms, replacing Thyroid meds, pain meds, and as a main delivery keeping the medicine of the plant in my system after putting breast cancer into remission four years ago.

  The treatment for putting cancer and other serious ailments into remission is ingesting 60 grams of strong Cannabis oil (RSO or FECO) in 90 days. Deliveries can be in capsule form taken orally (with a step-up dosing guide to deal with the strong psychoactive effects, or administered in a suppository, with no “head-high,” as reported by those not able to handle the THC in this particular concentrate. The oil is so strong that the daily maintenance dose is the size of a grain of rice.

  “Cannabis is non-toxic at any level,” Jane continued. “When you add other herbs and flowers to your regiment it speeds up the healing process. Being able to make medicine from the plants around us is a gift and the essence of freedom. When we are in charge of our own health, we heal faster.”
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  When asked about pending legalization in California, Jane is nothing short of enthusiastic.

  “Finally, legalization!” She exclaimed. “Legalization means everything to Humboldt Heritage Farms. We believe in the healing

qualities of the Cannabis plant on every level. From soil to soul, this plant provides food, fuel, fiber and medicine – there is nothing to compare it to. In Humboldt we are on the verge of claiming our cultural heritage among the best cultivators of sun grown Cannabis on the planet. The best medicine and food are the same, and they are grown organically in the sunshine.”

Humboldt Heritage Farms products can be found in select Bay area dispensaries. For more information visit,

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