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Glamping  Staycations




by Linda Stansberry



Bare feet. Barbecue. Surfboards. Sand. Late sunsets and early morning hikes. We do summer right on the Redwood Coast. People drive hundreds of miles just to vacation where we live.

Which is why we at Humboldt Made cordially invite you to stay put. Save your money, reduce your carbon footprint and rent a space at one of our local campgrounds for the week. You can still go into work (if that’s your thing) but you don’t have to go home to the TV, junk mail, wifi and same old, same old.

Fill up your cooler with some gourmet glamping cuisine (glamping=glamorous camping) like Cypress Grove Chevre, Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate and Arise Bakery gluten-free bread. Eat all your meals beside a campfire. Wash your feet in a babbling brook. Teach your kids how to carve hotdog-roasting sticks. Watch the night sky. Breathe deeply. Wonder what that strange rustle in the bushes is. (It’s probably nothing. Probably.)

Nature is the best beauty secret out there. When you stride into the office pungent with woodsmoke, exuding that combination of ferality and serenity only time in the outdoors can inspire, don’t be surprised if people take notice.

“Hey, you look really relaxed,” they’ll say, “Also, there’s a leaf in the hair.”

Pretend you put it there on purpose.

Happy Summer from Humboldt Made.


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