I Got a CBD Facial and This is What Happened

Cannabis has come so far since I first started my writing career, when infusing cannabis into products was a deeply underground practice that few knew about and even fewer had access to. 

Today, the boom of cannabis—primarily CBD—infused beauty products is spreading to every corner of the land, and bicoastal beauty crew Le Jolie Medi Spa is picking up what people are putting down.

Esthetician Sharona Rafaeloff told me that “CBD skin care pairs with the best anti-aging ingredients like peptides, hyaluronic acid, vitamins and antioxidants with a variety of organic ingredients. It’s the ideal blend of organics and science based anti-aging philosophies.”

The spa is on pop-up status in NYC, but it exists in Los Angeles on the regular, where super-detailed facials and injectables are available to guests, many of which are loaded to the gills with add-ons you won’t find at your regular spa. Le Jolie offers 24K gold facials, and delights like the CBD Experience, which is what the Emerald got to try during Le Jolie’s New York tenure, which ends the last week in September.

In addition to the traditional spa facial that includes exfoliation, masks, and massages to plump and primp your skin, the Le Jolie signature CBD Experience graces the service with an entire series of CBD-infused skincare treatments, including masks, oils, massage cream, and cleanser.

As if facials weren’t relaxing enough, this one is chock-full of extra detailed massage, putting that CBD to work on more than just your acne. 

I absolutely loved the process, and though the treatment is pricey, it is among the most comprehensive facials in NYC, and having tried everyone from Heyday to the legendary Christine Chin Spa, I know my treatments. With Rafaeloff giving you everything from electric current to LED light treatments, it’s a diesel operation—the folks at Le Jolie want you to experience what CBD can really do in conjunction to intensive skincare techniques.

There was CBD infused in every step of the facial via topical products and a lavender infused sublingual tincture—so much more than you’d be able to achieve even at home. Paired with professional pampering, the relaxation was real, and extended to my skin in a major way. 

A full week out, there was no adverse reaction to the products and my pores are much cleaner and clearer than before the experience. From prep to plumping massage, our experience was out-of-this-world, and if you’re in New York or Los Angeles, yours can be too. 

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