Laced: LiuSal NYC

The Emerald is rolling up to high fashion studios around New York City in this season of our new series, Laced. Each of these designers are lighting up the fashion industry, introducing missions of sustainability, accessibility, and inclusivity. We’re hitting on the crucial topics of the 21st century and passing you the wearable eye candy.

In this first episode of Laced, the Emerald meets the creator of LiuSal NYC. Mr. LiuSal has a mantra, “Love Is Universal. Strive, Achieve, Longevity,” which he weaves through his life and more specifically, his brand.  Etching out his place in the fashion world is seamlessly adjacent to his goal of cultivating a group of like-minded, creative individuals who serve the mutual goal of creating a better future and inspiring others through their creativity.  It is truly the case of life imitating art. 

The brand was born in the aftermath of a multi-felony drug charge and the rigors of navigating the justice system.  Ultimately prevailing, the monetary compensation Mr. LiuSal received financed his schooling as well as a new venture into the fashion world.  Through his ingenuity in layers and neons, he transforms workwear into streetwear with unmistakable flare, bonding a community of fashion-forward thinkers.

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