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Living in Brooklyn, there are some common sentiments you often hear. Usually, it’s the observation that Brooklyn is changing rapidly, in terms of population growth and development. The most exciting part of living in Brooklyn is observing new businesses popping up constantly. That’s why it was a pleasant surprise to learn about Loft Tea, a modern wellness company based in Williamsburg that boasts “specialty teas, organic flowers, wild herbs and cannabinoid infusions formulated for each part of your day.” I had the pleasure of speaking with Michael Christopher, the founder of Loft Tea, about his products and his vision. “We’ve been around for about 2 years, and we just incorporated this year. Starting this business was a dream of mine.”

ceremonykit1 We were curious about how a business like Loft Tea could function on the east coast as opposed to the west, in New York where policy has yet to catch up. “It’s definitely frustrating at times. Things like patient access need to improve because we need to be able to navigate the market to solve consumer issues through product development.” The products that Loft Tea offers are innovative, and represent what we at the Emerald Magazine consider to be the future of cannabis culture. Using organic, locally cured teas and pairing them with naturally extracted cannabinoids, these beverages are deliciously well crafted. There’s the option of Renew tea, imbued with Yerba, peppermint and lemon, keeping you alert and helping you focus. There’s React, a blend of passion flower and green teas that energizes you. Then there is Recharge, flavored with valerian root, chamomile and hibiscus, an evening blend meant to repair your sleep cycle and help you feel rested. These are a few of the flavor blends available in those three categories, and all of Loft Tea’s drinks contain CBD extract (Bonus: They are all sparkling teas, who doesn’t love bubbles??). Loft Tea’s brand is focused less on “rebranding” cannabis, and is more so interested in what Michael referred to as “before-branding.” “We want to encourage people to think of cannabis as the herb, as just another part of the synergistic herbs and flowers that we are utilizing. We want to celebrate it as the plant that it is.”

We spoke optimistically about New York City policy change. Though there is a list of conditions that are legally granted permission to use medicinal marijuana, there are still no operational dispensaries in New York state. “Obviously, it’s a larger industry out west. I have a similar dream for New York, so I’ve decided to stick around and start developing awareness now by building my business here.”

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 9.00.53 AMMichael also spoke briefly about the growing industry in regards to his commitment to sustainable, environmentally friendly cultivation and production. “We want to source tea from the types of farms that treat the earth how we would treat it if we had our own farms.” This company looks to the future by contemplating multiple trajectories, such as also producing tea accessories, pairing edibles, exploring the possibilities in hospitality with dining product pairings, and continuing to pursue access for the medical community.

teas only 4Loft Tea is doing its part to establish a market place for a wide range of customers. Michael believes we are in the midst of a tea renaissance, and Loft Tea wants to highlight the medicinal properties of cannabinoids rather than the psychoactive, for people who might be on the fence about exploring the wellness benefits. “We believe it’s better to invest in educating the public now, and tell an east coast perspective, while developing products that identify with this region.” Cheers, Brooklyn!

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