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You may have heard of the Three Amigos. Get ready for the Triple Alliance of Seeds in Maconha Seeds Bank. Spain, Brazil, and Chile are serving up genes with bragging rights. No need to separate the boys and the girls when using their feminized seeds, and you can snooze through your early morning alarm clock by choosing an autoflowering seed.
Maconha Seeds Bank offers a selection of autoflowering seeds and feminized seeds, in both indica and sativa options. Xochitl Medina, Director of Promotion, explained some of the essential concepts to me over a fast-paced phone call in March, a prime planting month. “Our seeds are made by crossing the best of Europe with the best of Brazil,” she said. The reason Brazilian strains were selected was simple, “they are always cup winners.”
Flowers from autoflowering seeds are completely bloomed in about two-to-three months, no matter how much or how little sunlight is available. Feminized seeds will always grow into female plants, which can be especially helpful for growers dealing with limited legal plant numbers. Maconha Seeds Bank was established in Chile, and the main headquarters are based in the country’s capital, Santiago. For over fifteen years, Maconha Seeds Bank has been producing seeds and distributing them in European markets. Now, a branch in Burbank, California is taking root, which is great news for California cannabis farmers.
For many California residents, including those in Mendocino County, the number of plants one can legally grow is limited. Having high-producing plants is crucial. Mendocino County regulations, under Ordinance No. 4302, currently allow only 25 plants per land parcel, though some exemptions exist for medical cannabis. “Medical marijuana growing collectives, individual members thereof, or individual patients who possess a valid doctor’s recommendation may be granted an exemption from the limitations… provided they apply for and obtain a permit from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office,” according to the ordinance. In those cases, each parcel of land must be at least ten acres, and no more than 99 plants may exist. If one can only grow 25 plants at a time, ensuring that all plants are female and can produce high quality buds, this is an efficient strategy.
Another tool for cannabis cultivators is the automatic, or autoflowering seed, which is always ready on time, whether winter or summer. The autoflowering seed comes from a cross between ruderalis and an indica or sativa. In crossing these two types of cannabis, characteristics like bud size, flavor, and grow cycle can be showcased.
In his book “Marijuana Botany: An Advanced Study: The Propagation and Breeding of Distinct Cannabis,” Robert C. Clarke notes that “ruderalis could prove valuable in breeding rapidly maturing strains for commercial use in temperate latitudes. It flowers when approximately seven weeks old without apparent dependence on daylength.” So, regardless of short daylight hours during winter months, for example, plants with this type of characteristic will reliably mature and flower on schedule, at seven weeks.
What is better than being on time and good looking? In Portuguese, one of the romance languages, Maconha means marijuana, and the seeds will have people saying “nice genes” about the plants in the same, sexy, must-have way “nice jeans” can be said of Guess, True Religion, and Levi’s.
With a high-standard heritage, the Maconha Seeds Bank is committed to delivering top shelf quality seeds at an affordable price. “Our seeds are always made organically, and are always fresh,” Medina said, “we make them, and then sell them immediately.” Maconha Seeds Bank stands behind its products, offering a germination guarantee on every seed.
“People say when they smoke the flower from the seeds, there’s no burning in their throats, there’s no coughing. It’s because there are no chemicals. It’s pure. Everything is organic,” Medina said, supplying another reason to try Maconha Seeds Bank.
They also pride themselves on customer service and offer cultivation advice for first-time and expert growers. The company’s website is full of strain specific profiles to give customers an idea of what to expect from cultivation and ingestion.
Here’s a look at some of the Maconha Seeds Bank strains:
Cabeca de Preto, roughly translated to Black Hat, is an indica dominant, autoflowering strain with 80 percent indica and 20 percent sativa. It is a cross between Blueberry Dutch and Pink Brazilian Mango, and offers an aromatic flavor of cranberry and sweet berry. This strain can have colorful tones and a high THC, low CBD profile. Maconha Seeds Bank notes a 50-to-60 day bloom cycle, so plant in September for a November harvest. The high is described as relaxing, happy, euphoric, and encouraging, and can be used to address symptoms of depression, insomnia, and stress.
Another automatic, indica is Punto Rojo, or Red Point. This strain is 60 percent indica, 40 percent sativa with a low CBD content. Punto Rojo is the result of crossing Jack Herer and Brazilian Pink Sleeve. For an earthy, pine flavor, pick these seeds.
For a higher CBD content, check out Remedio Caseiro, also known as Homemade Remedy, the resulting strain from a landish and Brazilian Transamazonica cross. This is an indica from the feminized seed category. Remedio Caseiro has a light flavor and aroma of lavender and provides a soft state of relaxation ideal to combat anxiety and pain.
Caetano Velozo is a sativa strain with high CBD and THC concentrations, and is available in feminized seeds. It is recommended for glaucoma, loss of appetite, fatigue, and inflammation. Maconha Seeds Bank suggests allowing 65-to-75 days to flower.
One of the most potent THC strains available is Borrachinha, an auto-flowering sativa which takes about 70-to-80 days to flower. The sweet and spicy fragrance is marked with citrus and earthy notes. Borrachinha buds are usually more resinous, and are said to produce a distinct energy rush. A cross between Haze and Brazilian Pink Sleeve, Borrachinha is great for consumers who want to be physically active.
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