Microdose the Mom’s Formula Way

Cannabis tablets or capsules promise to bring the benefit of cannabinoids to people who don’t want to smoke of consume edibles, but they can sometimes come in medically potent doses that turn off the more casual—or careful—user.

Edible cannabis, even in smaller amounts, can sometimes be overwhelming for newbies or the less tolerant, but it can also deliver a sense of well-being that many substances could never even attempt.

Some brands are looking to these consumers, who though they may not be after potency, are certainly still looking for reliable dosing made from safe and high quality cannabis.

That’s why we appreciate the modality of Dr.Robb Farms Mom’s Formula Tablets we tried in California, where finding a lower-than-5mg THC dose at 1:1 ratio with CBD is not just a possibility, its a certainty if you live near a retail provider.

These small tablets go down easy and provide an excellent morning level of 2.5mg each of CBD and THC that can even kick off the day for someone who may use higher quantities of cannabinoids later on.

With so few companies providing this option—not an edible, not a mega dose—Dr.Robb farms are bringing something new to the table, even if its in a tiny, easy-to-swallow package, it packs a big punch for those looking to make a lighter impact.

Photos: Maria Penaloza

Emerald contributor since May 2017


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