NanoSphere Health Sciences Wins Trio of ACQ5 Global Awards

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CEO Robert Sutton Recognized as Gamechanger of the Year; NanoSphere Named Company of the Year for Nano-Biotechnology and Innovative Company of the Year for Healthcare

DENVER (August 21, 2018) – NanoSphere Health Sciences, Inc. (CSE: NSHS) (OTC: NSHSF), the nano-biotechnology company that has commercialized a patented delivery system known as the NanoSphere Delivery System™, has won three 2018 Global Awards from ACQ5, a premier global corporate magazine. NanoSphere was recognized as Company of the Year for Nano-Biotechnology and Innovative Company of the Year for Healthcare, and its CEO Robert Sutton was honored as Gamechanger of the Year.

The ACQ5 Global Awards program recognizes institutions and individuals that have achieved outstanding success and demonstrate leadership, innovation and momentum in the markets in which they excel. The awards cover global categories, best-in-class awards in all regions in over 100 countries around the world.

“We are proud and honored to be recognized for our work on an international level,” said Sutton. “This confirms NanoSphere is increasing its profile and that industry professionals are taking note of our breakthrough innovation and technology. We look forward to continuing to revolutionize the cannabis industry, but also the broader healthcare landscape by providing superior modes of delivery and pioneering the next generation of medicine through nanotechnology.”

With plans to expand into pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, cosmeceutical and animal health divisions in the coming years, NanoSphere Health Sciences has so far developed products that leverage the next-generation NanoSphere Delivery System™ in the cannabis industry. The company’s revolutionary Transdermal NanoSerum™, a serum delivering cannabinoids through the skin, is ideal for localized pain and inflammation, as well as providing systemic therapy and relief from anxiety. The nano-encapsulation technology significantly increases the bioavailability of cannabis when compared to NanoSphere’s competitors. NanoSerum™ is already commercially available in Colorado under the company’s brand name Evolve Formulas and will soon launch in California, Arizona and Nevada. The company also recently announced a partnership with Delta 9 Cannabis Inc. to bring Evolve Formulas products into the Canadian market.

“Experts whose intimate knowledge and expertise in the corporate, cultural, financial and legal arenas are redefining our industry,” said Jake Robson, Group Editor, ACQ5. “The 2018 ACQ5 Global Award winners represent the best of breed in all industry sectors and have earned these honours by standing out in a group of very impressive finalists. We are lucky enough to work with some of the most influential and enterprising private organizations in the world and are proud to share their message with our readers. Relying on reader insight and experience to provide nominations to the panel remains the cornerstone of our program and to identify industry leaders, individuals, teams and organizations that represent the benchmark of achievement and best practice in the business world.”

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