Op-Ed: Cannabis is Why Psychedelics are So Hot Right Now

Magic mushrooms, acid, Peyote, Mesclun, Ayahuasca, Ibogaine, and countless other psychedelics are coming into the collective consciousness in a way not seen since their initial pop into American discourse in the late 1960s. 

People have used these substances medicinally and spiritually for millennia, and potentially recreationally too. Hell, even dolphins might even get high on purpose, so it’s beyond time to stop pretending that humans are some type of pure being that doesn’t seek out various forms of intoxication and psychoactive food and drinks strictly for funsies.

Once you realize that we’re meatbags filled with a bacterial, fungal stew, it is way less terrifying to get inside that grey matter a bit during a psychedelic experience—and ironically when you go there, this is sometimes how life itself looks—a journey in a meat-ship on a rock-ship in a massive, dark, unknown.

Getting past the vastness of both the human imagination and the universe is just the beginning. People who use psychedelic substances for mental health reasons have begun to share their tales loud and proud. Sufferers of depression, PTSD, anxiety, end-of-life fear and other debilitating mental health concerns have reported improvement, and the cannabis community has been lifting this message up pretty much the whole time. 

The creation of a psychedelic magazine—DoubleBlind— and coverage from cannabis writers like Michelle Lhooq have helped to achieve decriminalization of many psychedelics in Denver, Colorado, and Oakland, California. Both were also early adopters of legal, recreational cannabis. 

Cannabis was also there in the Beat Generation days, which set the stage for Timothy Leary and LSD, exposing a generation of Americans to psychedelics for the first time. Though there has been a 50 year gap since its introduction to the counterculture and its current entrance to the mainstream, both cannabis advocates and fans have often kept the flame alive, especially with LSD and mushrooms.

We have lots to learn about these intoxicants and how they can help the body or be enjoyed safely. Rest assured you will always be hearing about it from cannabis advocates, even if the papers of record DGAF. 

Emerald contributor since May 2017


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