Peak Extracts’ Rescue Rubs Came to my Post Injury Relief

By Melissa Hutsell



I suffered a laceration to my forearm recently, and Peak Extract’s hemp-infused rubs quite literally came to my rescue.


“A Centuries old Formula”

The founder of the company is a licensed Chinese Herbalist. She created the award-winning, hypoallergenic salves in her medical clinic. Each features a “centuries-old formula for blunt force trauma,” and pain, according to the company. 

The 12-herb mixture includes: lemongrass, lavender, cinnamon, rose, orange, frankincense, eucalyptus leaf oil and more. Aside from these herbs, the only other ingredients in the rubs are shea butter, coconut oil, and hemp extract.


The Rubs: Same, but Different

I used all three rubs around my wound—each one for a full day. 

My injury broke the skin, and required glue to seal. So I avoided putting any salve directly on it as it should not be used on open wounds. Instead, I gently massaged the solutions into the skin surrounding it, about three-to-four times per day. 

Each formula was effective at easing localized pain, and did so within minutes of application. Though the rubs all had similar analgesic and anti-inflammatory powers—they were also distinct. 

That’s because, aside from the 12-herb mixture, each formula features its own cannabinoid profile. For example, the company offers three different rubs: the CBDa formula, the THC-free formula, and the full-spectrum formula. 

To the Rescue

Peak Extracts’ CBDa Rescue Rub is made with raw, cold-press hemp, grown on the big Island of Hawaii. In terms of cannabinoids, it only contains cannabidiolic acid (CBDa), according to batch test results. So far, studies suggest CBDa could curb nausea, pain, and inflammation

This was the standout salve. It relieved pain on contact, eliminating it altogether within an hour. However, this salve seemed to go a little deeper than the others, easing muscle pain and soreness throughout my arm from the injury.






The company’s terpene-rich, THC-Free Rescue Rub is infused with 175mg of CBD, and no contains other traceable cannabinoids. It has the most heavenly, therapeutic aroma out of the pack. In addition to easing pain for roughly one-two hours, this formula was particularly effective at soothing skin irritation I experienced from the glue and bandages (even just applying it near—not on—the bandage helped significantly). 

After using this rub for a full day, I woke up with out any any redness or swelling, and minimal discomfort.





The Full Spectrum Salve comes with 125mg of CBD. It’s “rich in terpenes, flavonoids, minor cannabinoids and antioxidants,” according to Peak Extracts. Batch test results show this hemp topical to contains THC, CBD, CBDa, and cannabichromene (CBC).

Like all the Rescue Rubs, it took away localized or surface level pain and discomfort I experienced on my forearm. The effects seemed to last the longest out of all the blends. Within hours of applying the full-spectrum rub, bruising surrounding my wound had faded dramatically. 



Final Thoughts

Each salve did exactly what it claimed to do—eliminate pain and inflammation. Individual rubs had smooth, subtle, plant-like aromas (thanks to the terpene-rich formulas), and left a slightly oily residue when applied, which absorbed quickly.

The Rescue Rubs were minimally packaged, and came delivered in a small, tightly packed cardboard box with one small slip of bubble wrap. The 1 ounce rubs were packaged in color-coded boxes, however, I felt labeling could be better to prevent confusion between the blends. Impressively, the package also included a “Notice to Law Enforcement,” clarifying the package contained legal hemp, and may not be seized.

At $25-45 per 1 or 2 ounce jar, prices are entirely reasonable!

Overall, Peak Extracts rubs earn a full 5 stars from the Emerald.

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