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Innovation and community are two words that describe Hendrx Farms. The company, which operates out of McKinleyville and Bridgeville, California is committed to strong and healthy clones of both classic and fresh strains.


Growing up together since childhood in Humboldt County, the team has grown to become a natural extension of that friendship and community. According to Daniel Hendricks, the farm’s CFO, and Hendrx’s president, Jake, growing clones like Grand Daddy Purple and Cali Mist for their network of friends bloomed into the nursery now known as Hendrx Farms.


The farms CEO is Travis, who explained how Hendrx has very strict, daily cleaning standards, as well as a rigorous microscope inspection process before every intake. The company’s COO, David, added, “You have to take a lot of care to preserve the genetics.”


While sharing and creating the best genetics is a top priority, Travis said, “more importantly, you have to love the plant.”


Drought resistant breeding has become a big interest to the company and they are currently working on crossing their Calihari Kush with high CBD strains. Hendricks tells me how they discovered the Calihari Kush plant the year after they were forced to wood chip a harvest by county officials. “It was flourishing in a hot dry bed, so we took some cuts,” he explained, before Jake added, “It doesn’t drink water like other strains and it finishes quick.” It’s been a staple for them ever since.


The guys start to pull binders from a shelf, which Jake said is filled with “as much cannabis research and science as we can get our hands on.” They are true students of the industry; they’re constantly reading material as it becomes available and keeping breeding journals. They plan to share this information with the community through a new website, which will also feature Phylos Genetics’ make up of every strain in their library as well as full terpene profiles, amongst other information.

This year, Hendrx Farms had the opportunity to partner with Humboldt Seed Company (HSC) and offer clones of specific phenotypes that had been hunted by it’s owner, Nat Pennington, and include Blueberry Muffin 10 and Royal Highness. HSC will offer seeds for some of their genetics — such as Calihari Kush and Charlie Girl. The opportunity to share these genetics with the community is rewarding, said Hendricks.


Hendrx Farms provided samples of their indoor-grown Calihari Kush, Blueberry Muffin 10, and Royal Highness as well as the current light deprivation strain, Charlie Girl. Additionally, they shared a wealth of other goodies, including Frosting, Jack Herer, Gorilla Glue #4, Double Tangie Banana, Banana Split, Jager, Gelato and some of their newest creation, Blueberry Muffin 10 live resin which will become available soon.


Calihari Kush:

The bud is entirely lime green with some emerald green splotches and carrot orange hairs. It’s covered in a shiny layer of tiny trichomes that glistens in the light. Candy like on the nose, lime and orange are dominant with mint and fresh pine in the background. Like being in the middle of a spring vegetable garden, it has a lively quality.


The flavors are light and airy as I begin to roll it up. Lime and orange hit the tongue, followed by the refreshing flavors of pine and mint on the exhale. Hints of fresh blueberries and a sense of calm surround me as my body starts to feel relaxed. My mind felt clear, and suddenly, an urge of creativity came on.


Blueberry Muffin 10:

This strain smells like blueberry muffins! A cross of Blueberry x Purple Panty Dropper x Razzle Berry, the bud is covered in white trichomes that look like snow cover over the lime green and sangria purple curves. Behind the intense scent are sweet notes of blueberry preserves, lime, candy cane and violets.


One puff and holy smokes! It tastes as it smells, like fresh baked blueberry muffins. It’s sweet and soft on my palate, with notes of juicy berries, lime, cinnamon and chamomile. This has me feeling uplifted and my problems melt away. My pain is gone and my appetite is up. Suddenly, I’m craving a warm blueberry muffin.


Royal Highness:

A cross of Royal Kush x Cali Dream, the bud is predominantly pear green with some sangria purple mixed in. Little cider orange hairs pop out from the frosted trichomes. The terpenes smell of peppermint, gasoline, pine sap and orange blossom with a little grape wafting out on the end.


The taste initially tickles my palate with sweetness. It gives way to piney gasoline, grape, and mint with a smooth citrus mouthfeel. There is a floral note that lingers on the finish. The high comes on subtly and my body starts to feel relaxed. My mood is uplifted and I’m noticing some pain relief.


Charlie Girl:

Another staple of Hendrx Farms, Charlie Girl, is a cross of SFV OG x Girl Scout Cookie Breeders Cut. the big, chunky bud is lime and pear green, with purple accents. The bud is covered in a light frosting of shiny translucent trichomes with a few bronze hairs. The smell is pungently skunky and sour. Orange and lime citrus hide behind a fog of sweet gasoline.


When I light up, sweet diesel flows over my palate with other notes of lime/orange peel, pine and an underlying sour tone. A sweet spearmint sticks around on the finish. The high comes on quickly and is quite stoney. I’m feeling good and my appetite is up as well as some noticeable pain relief.


Hendrx Farms can be found online at Hendrx.farm and on Instagram @hendrxfarm. They can also be reached via email at Info@Hendrx.farm.


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