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Pot Talk: Kosher Kush

Some of us are lucky enough to come across a strain that sticks with us for the rest of our lives. It stays etched into our memory: you can still smell it and taste it, and when you come across it again, well, it’s almost impossible to pass up. For me, one of those strains […]

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Pot Talk: Green Banana Ranch

With a focus on sungrown, small batch organic cannabis, Dan Bobillot, President and Director of Green Banana Ranch is sincere when he starts telling me of his company’s vision. Born and raised in Humboldt County, Dan along with his brother Alex, who oversees most of the Ranches’ cultivation, have watched the emergence and growth of […]

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Pot Talk: Hendrx Farms

Innovation and community are two words that describe Hendrx Farms. The company, which operates out of McKinleyville and Bridgeville, California is committed to strong and healthy clones of both classic and fresh strains.   Growing up together since childhood in Humboldt County, the team has grown to become a natural extension of that friendship and […]


Pot Talk with Pete: Fortune City Farms

With a focus on permaculture, Autumn and Constantine of Fortune City Farms have created a small habitat of self sustainability.   Walking onto the property it’s evident that there is much more than just cannabis being cultivated. “It’s what I’ve put my work into the past six or seven years,” Constantine explained to me. “Everything […]

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