Pot Talk: Lucky Chief’s Silver OG

By Amy C. WittPhoto by Jamie Changala

On the exhale the smoke is clean, smooth and light, with a strong pine and OG bang that stimulates the palette. A deep aroma of Kush will accommodate the senses. Within moments, Lucky Chief’s Silver OG Sugar will prickle your skin and alleviate stress as it motivates your mind to do anything positive and inspiring.

One hundred percent organic, the Gold Label Silver OG Sugar is one of the tastiest and most fulfilling concentrates I have ever dabbed with. It’s flowery and sweet, and holds some spicy and earthy notes. Pairing it with coffee intensifies the flavor and tingle of euphoria.

The hybrid strain, a cross between Super Silver Haze and OG Kush is thought to originate from Afghanistan, Colombia, India, Mexico and Thailand. Silver OG, also known as Super Silver OG is known to target depression, anxiety, pain and lack of appetite. Lucky Chief creates their Gold Label based off of quality and experience. The buds used are typically smaller in size or popcorns. With no chemical inputs, the flower used for the Silver OG Sugar is light deprivation grown which is cleaner, holds less dirt and pollen. Although it is sticky, I observed that this sugar is easy to manage in the event you drop your tool or get the dab on something.

Deep golden and crispy, Lucky Chief’s lab tested Silver OG Sugar has a high terpene content, heavy pinene, linalool and humulene which all hold an abundance of medicinal benefits. With one dab, I noticed this strain made me kinder and bettered my communication and listening skills. But what I enjoyed most was how focused, motivated and clear-headed I became. While it definitely provided me with a heavy body high that alleviated my joint and muscle pain, the mental aspects of this sugar were impressive! Attracting positive energy, it allowed me to be completely focused on the task I was involved in while tuning out all distractions. But beware – once distracted, you will be fully immersed in that distraction.

The Silver OG Sugar expanded my mind and helped me explore ideas and options relating to my career. It’s almost as though taking one dab of this sugar ignited a stick of dynamite in the superior temporal gyrus of the right side of my brain. Not to mention, I appreciated how much it impacted my level of stress and anxiety. It literally allowed me to worry less and made me feel confident in handling and overcoming any situation.

Two dabs, and I no longer wanted to focus or work on anything but rather, be involved with my phone, relaxing or simply doing nothing. However, it maintained my continuous good mood. As a daily and heavy joint smoker, I only dab two-four times per week. With that said, three dabs in one day is too many and I was no longer able to keep my eyes open. I headed to bed for a late evening nap which put me into a three hour coma. Make sure you have some ice water handy and some eye drops because both your mouth and eyes will become extremely dry, quickly. It can be a little overwhelming if you’re not prepared.

With a balanced nature, Silver OG Sugar by Lucky Chief is an ideal option for seeking relief from depression and anxiety. Encouraging you to explore your personal boundaries and depths, this delightful sugar provides a sexy and exciting experience for both day and nighttime pleasures.
P.S. I just took a dab before I wrote this – maybe that will help you determine if you want to take a dab before doing something awesome!

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