On Point Farms takes its name from an expression commonly used to describe the products created by its owner, Rob Schultz. Written by Pete Powlovich


Located along the picturesque California Highway 299 in central Humboldt County, On Point Farms focuses on providing high quality medical cannabis products that work with the needs of the public, without compromising yield or quality.


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Rob was first introduced to cannabis cultivation after he moved to Oregon from Southern California in the 90s. He then made his way to Humboldt County where he set up his first grow house, he laughed, “[there were] extension cords everywhere.”


With the help of friends, he was able to extend his indoor growing abilities. “It’s not just growing a plant,” he said, “from electrical to ventilation, if you don’t know these things you’re not going to grow a pot plant well.”


Although indoor remains his preferred method of cultivation today, On Point Farms does not just focus on indoor. Rob himself has been growing outdoors for the past seven years and “it’s been quite the learning curve” he quipped. He relies on predatory bugs to help control pests and avoid spraying has also made a huge difference in quality, he told me. He continues to learn new things, something that has motivated Rob since the beginning.


This year, On Point Farms began working with the Humboldt Seed Organization to created strains such as Lemon Garlic OG, Chocolate Mint OG, and Raspberry Diesel.


A priority of On Point Farms, said Rob, is remaining on the cutting edge. Remaining on the cutting edge is something Rob tells me is important to On Point Farms. While they create new strains, they continue to grow well known strains that yield well with high THC levels such as Blue Dream.


On Point Farms was kind enough to provide me with two samples of their latest indoor harvest, Sour Tangie and Girl Scout Cookies for review. The buds were large in size and both had beautiful trim jobs. Rob also shared some indoor 707 Headband and Diablo OG from his private headstash.


Photo by Pete Powlovich

Sour Tangie:

A cross of East Coast Sour Diesel x Tangie, there are two phenotypes; one leans towards Tangie and the other leans towards Sour Diesel. Being a grower of Sour Diesel over the years, Rob tells me this particular cut exhibits more Tangie characteristics and it wasn’t as stretchy like Sour Diesel.


I am in awe of the large calyxes that reach out toward me like arms. The flower has a predominantly pear green glow, complimented with a slight pink hue as it glistens the sun. As apricot colored hairs pop out all over, there is a thick covering of white and amber-colored trichomes.


It’s aromatics are on the moderate side. I immediately get a sour, but invitingly juicy tangerine smell. A sour skunky note right on its tail, there is the slightest hint of diesel in the background. It’s more candy like than citrus, but I sense some lemongrass and a faint sniff of honeydew melon. I can’t wait to spark up.


With a strong, citrus kick on the inhale, juicy tangerine flows onto my palate. Leaving my mouth watering, I also get the rind of honeydew melon, fresh grass, and cocoa powder. Passing the joint around with some friends, we all experience an uplifting, energetic high with a dose of focus and motivation.


Girl Scout Cookies:

This is another strain with various phenotypes. “This is the old GSC, because when it’s grown right it turns purple,” Rob told me. A cross between OG Kush x Durban Poison, the bud is chunky and displays colors of sage, pear, emerald and basil. With bronze hairs all over, the bud is frosted in small, translucent trichomes that glimmer in the light.


As I break the flower up, the smell draws me in and a strong yet sweet gasoline note wafts out. With no shortage of scents, notes of pine, lemon, green melon, pear, basil, black pepper and nutmeg also pop out at me. Because of the way it grows and it’s trichome structure, Rob tells me how this reminds him of the strain Snow that he says used to be one of the staples here in Humboldt.


While honeydew melon, lime and lemon are the initial flavors when I light up a joint, the taste developed into more herbal and earthy notes: cedar, sweet pine, rosemary and sage. With a smooth mouthfeel, rosemary and mint leave a pleasantly tingling sensation on the exhale.


The effects are subtle at first. I’s happy and relaxed, a creative motivation starts to take ahold and next thing I know, there’s music playing and i’ve started household projects. Feeling good, I am motivated enough to want to light another one and keep the good times rolling.

You can find On Point Farms online at www.onpointfarms.org. On Instagram @on_point_farms and by email at on.pt.farms@gmail.com. You can also find On Point Farms products at Humboldt Patient Resource Center in Arcata, California and through Compassionate Choice delivery service based in Eureka, California.

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