Pre-roll Packs Are a Part of Cannabis’ Future

The art of grinding and twisting your cannabis up into joints, blunts, or spliffs is a ritualistic practice that many savor. But for others, availability of pre-rolled or ready-to-go cannabis is the convenience that keeps them coming back.

Pre-rolls can be a mysterious way to consume if you don’t know the origins of the product. But if you’re sure of its genesis, they’re the easiest way to medicate. It’s true that smoking may go out of fashion in the future as vapes and edibles continue to ramp up their tech and accessibility, but flower fans will never give up their pastime.

This is why The Zen Hybrid, a blend of GG4 and Rude Boi, was such a great way to get things going for the day, and in a portable package, go we did. Each pack of Lowell Smokes comes in recycled—and recyclable—packaging, with matches and a striker included, so you don’t even need to stop for a lighter.

When you open the thoughtfully designed box and enjoy each perfect mini cone, it’s easy to notice a major point of difference between Lowell Smokes and other brands—the option to microdose.

While some tend to produce pre-rolls that clock in at around 1 gram, a sizable sesh, which Lowell also provides, this pack of more reasonably sized joints are friendlier to all levels of consumer. New or social smokers get to have the taste and ease of a convenient joint without the monster hit of a full gram bat, and solo, all-day smokers have the exact amount they need to kick it in the alley on a coffee break.

This Zen Hybrid set was a balanced-flavor, chill high—the best kind.

Photos: Maria Penaloza

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