Prohibition is (Almost) Over: Lowell Cafe Opens This Week in West Hollywood

All hail lady leaf! We’re finally seeing the sun break over the mountain. Though she rises in the east, the dawn of the social cannabis era is illuminating the West Coast, who after three years of recreational cannabis programs has finally allowed social cannabis consumption in the City of Los Angeles.

Though its cousin to the north—San Francisco—has a lounge or two, queer-friendly and forward thinking West Hollywood approved seven social consumption licenses in 2018. Lowell Cafe, operated by Lowell Farms, is about to open as the first in class—a full-blown restaurant with flower service. 

With a farm-to-table concept and an army of ventilation units at the ready, Lowell’s cafe seeks to break the stigma into the sounds of laughter, fork-on-plate, and maybe the crisp crackle of a well-lit pre-roll burning on a peaceful afternoon. 

Executive chef, Andrea Drummer

We got a super sneak peek last week at the jasmine covered mini-compound on La Brea and Lexington, and it was absolutely abuzz with a devoted team dropping finishing touches. 

Under the 50-plus year old olive trees, and surrounded by Mediterranean tile, we sat down with executive chef Andrea Drummer for our New York’s Loudest podcast, where she told us all about the beauty of the food and cannabis pairings that the staff have in store for guests. 

Visitors can expect delicious bites like a dynamite chicken sandwich or vegan nachos to help make it through the munchies that induce after partaking.

Seeing cannabis, too, as a farm-to-table product should be precisely what proves to set Lowell Cafe off with a huge leap, Drummer plans to constantly adjust both the food and flower pairings according to the ever-changing produce on offer from Lowell and their partners. 

Photos: Maria Penaloza; Lowell Cafe 

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