Review: Color Up Therapeutics UV Damage Repair Moisturizer

When it comes to having better skin, not only will people stop at nothing, companies will stop at absolutely nothing to give it to them. CBD is booming in beauty, thanks to a study that noticed an anti inflammatory effect in rats with topical treatment, but we’re not quite at the full level of knowledge as to why it works. 

Outside of stimulating CB2 receptors in the skin, we don’t yet know why CBD could contribute to good skin, but anecdotally, people are loving it, and considering cannabinoids aren’t harmful, skincare companies are loading up. 

We tried a few items from Colorado-based Color Up Therapeutics, who offer a much wider range of CBD-infused products than most beauty lines or CBD-base beauty lines, even. Covering ground in treatment oils, cleansers, and more, it’s easy to see why CBD could fit into so many types of products, so that every type of skin can reap the benefits. 

Our fav was the UV Damage Repair Moisturizer, in both regular and light. With watermelon seed extract and hyaluronic acid, you’re getting a bit more specific than a general lotion, and with it claiming to prevent sun damage, it’s a summer go-to for us. The texture is light, and you can feel the water-based cream hydrating even the most sun-parched skin. 

As for true repair, without equipment to test—it’s hard to back up the claims, but we do know that keeping up with moisture and sealing it in with oils that are also in the formula can slow dehydration of the epidermis, so it’s a start!

Color Up Therapeutics even makes deodorant and pet items too, so watch out for their growth because the future’s best products could be coming out of this new breed of body and skin care. 

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