Review: Dropping Seeds’ Multi-Use Herbal Blends

On a mission to make known the benefits of the natural and medicinal plant over pharmaceutical options, Dropping Seeds has created a product for just about anyone. The herbal blends, which come in a variety of uses such as Calm, Revive, and Quit, are created and blended to bridge the gap between the plant and the modern world. And the best part, you can choose whether you want to sip, smoke, vape, or even soak in the blends, making it perfectly suited for just about anyone. Whether you’re all about the pre-roll, or aren’t quite ready for inhalation, Dropping Seeds likely has the product for you. 

Hopping right in with the PEACE prerolls, Dropping Seeds quickly proved just about everything they described to stand for. The blend of hemp, marshmallow, cacao, skullcap and mullen created the perfect product for those in search of a stress-relieving alternative to cannabis, Packaged in an adorable little tin, stocked with 6 hefty pre-rolls, these 18% CBD, 0.3% THC guys smoked prim and proper and certainly left me feeling at peace. Not to mention, they tasted amazing. 

The loose herbs though simply take the cake with this one as they allow you to decide whether you want to sip, smoke, vape, or soak in the blend. Having had the chance to try both opposing blends, REVIVE, and CALM, it felt necessary to separate the two for different moods. Feeling exhausted after a long day of typing, I rolled up the REVIVE blend in Dropping Seeds nifty papers to up my energy and overall mood before a night out with friends. While I didn’t feel any instant changes, the blend tastes absolutely delicious and totally left me feeling better than before I sparked it. 

For the CALM, I decided to give the tea a try. While it was definitely an acquired taste that might not be well suited to all, it had an overall calming effect. Nothing overwhelming, but just enough to kick back after a long day in the sun. When used as bath salt though, this blend worked wonders. Of course, a bath is relaxing as is, but something about the floral aroma of damiana, catnip, lavender, skullcap, and mullen elevated the bathing experience to new heights. Mind and body; at ease. 

Overall, Dropping Seeds provides a great product for any consumer looking for an alternative to cannabis or nicotine, or just wanting to try something new. With great flavor, smooth burning, and aesthetic packaging, Emerald rates the herbal blends a 9/10.  

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