Review: Sweet Releaf Delivers Real Relief

No one wants to suffer, but medicine and technology are just not fully where they need to be to provide potent and non-intoxicating relief to all the people who need it.

Cannabis is being studied deeper and deeper for this very reason, but along the way, some brands have taken up the mantle of pain relief and patient care for human reasons, not shareholder ones. 

California-based Sweet Releaf hooked up team Emerald with some of their topical formulas, each one tuned up to help with different types of pain in different areas of the body. The formulas are grouped into warming and cooling sensations, like a super futuristic choice between the icy or hot (versus having to use both at the same time).

Many of us deal with menstrual issues on the team, and that is where Comfort, a thick cream rich with pain punching botanicals, really stood out. It’s no shock that this body butter worked so well for period issues, as a woman-owned company, Sweet Releaf is serving the community from experience, and with dedication. 

Comfort Body Butter is 14:1 THC to CBD, providing a potent blend of cannabinoids derived from ice water hash. Suspended in a moisturizing base of shea and cocoa butters with coconut oil and aloe vera, the essential oils join the cannabis to really hit where it hurts.

We applied Comfort to the entire abdominal area during a painful flare-up, and the cinnamon, sweet orange, clove and frankincense oils smelled amazing; plus they gave a warming effect while the cannabinoids went to work. Though it needed to be reapplied hourly, this product delivered on its non-psychoactive and pain relieving promise. 

Period sufferers (or other pain patients) of California, consider adding Comfort to your care routine, maybe its the literal icing on the cake that you needed to feel better. 

Emerald contributor since May 2017


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