Spiking Soil

Written by Brant Hartsell

Spiked Soil’s Dirt Martini offers a simplified approach to successful gardening that any level of grower can implement. The state-of-the-art mixture of organic ingredients is guaranteed to make your plants so happy, you’d believe they were actually getting drunk from the Dirt Martini everytime you water them.

The company offers supreme nourishment for all your favorite garden varieties in a single bag of potting soil.

The complex soil concoction is made entirely of organic ingredients, which include peat moss, coconut coir, and willow bark. Such elements allow the soil to hold moisture better, and include mycorrhizae and Azomite to assure proficient root health. Ingredients, like Trichoderma and bacillus amyloliquefaciens, also help to promote beneficial bacteria production. These benefits were obvious when I transplanted my Romanesco broccoli with ease into the Dirt Martini potting soil. They automatically started to reach for the sun the next day. Ultimately as an organic growing medium, this soil has everything you need for a beautiful harvest.

The company also offers a line of organic amendments, which add that extra boost to your plants’ health and production. The benefits are extremely noticeable within approximately one week of watering, as the established leaves become a lush, dark green and growth size seems to double with vivid, new growth.

Utilizing this soil and the amendments with my Romanesco broccoli plants has been a fulfilling process. Especially seeing how quickly my garden has become more lush, and resistant to pests with this cocktail. I found myself having to manage my garden less and less as Spiked Soil’s Dirt Martini began to intoxicate my plants with healthy nourishment.

Spiked Soil includes both a vegetative amendment as well as a flowering option. The vegetative variety, labeled “Another Round,” includes an NPK ratio of (4:3:1) — a perfect balance for establishing healthy microflora and building a lasting nitrogen supply required for lush, dark green foliage. Another Round includes ingredients such as: volcanic ash, bat guano, kelp meal, neem seed meal, mycorrhizae, molasses, and magnesium sulfate. This is best applied about 15 days after transplanting to avoid burning young plants. Simply apply as a top dressing, water, and watch your plants flourish.

Spiked Soil’s blooming amendment, “Bloom Booze,” is best applied during the start of the flowering phase of your plant’s life cycle. Bloom Booze will increase fruit and flower production, and creates fuller plants. An NPK ratio of (1:8:1) means this amendment will not burn or cause deficiencies in your plants. This system has honestly been one of the easiest to understand and most simple soil programs I have used.

Spiked Soil’s concoctions are recommended to those just beginning to learn the basics of growing/harvesting cycles. They provide a very adequate approach to easy gardening with organic amendments. This allows for new growers to get a grip on what NPK ratio is and how to utilize it specifically for each cycle. Spiked Soil also provides a system that is not intimidating to new growers like some complex soil nutrient systems. Overall, Spiked Soil provides a soil medium and amendment system that any level of grower can love and appreciate.

For more information, visit SpikedSoil.com to review their soil programs and amendment categories.

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