Strain Review: 33°North’s Forbidden Fruit

When you open one of 33°North’s cardboard tubes, printed with a topographical pattern that gives you elevated vibes, you’re greeted to some of the most potent tropical notes that this writer has ever sniffed in a strain. 

Forbidden Fruit is but one of this collective’s premier strains, cultivated using a wine connoisseur’s discernment and care by their farm connections. Definitely a distinguished product, its coming from the Volcan Mountains, which provides a unique microclimate that some strains—like Forbidden Fruit—just thrive in.  

These pretty buds aren’t just for show. The deep purple and piney evergreen shades are completely covered in terpy crystals and orange hairs. Sharing notes of valencene, this is a calming but uplifting hybrid; not too much indica power and not too much of sativa’s psych up. 

This is certainly one of those times that the terroir and climate makes all the difference—this iteration of Forbidden Fruit is among the tastiest we’ve come across yet. With severely funky notes of guava and passion fruit, it’s a very literal smelling cultivar. The bright, sour taste carries into the smoke, another rarity with some flower brands claiming big flavors. 

From first light to the last licks, this is a beautiful flower offering that anyone in California must try, but East Coasters will be happy to know that the brand has their eye on the forthcoming legal market.

Photo: Maria Penaloza

Emerald contributor since May 2017


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