Strain Review: SFV OG from Nug California

Nothing beats a piney strain when you’re feeling sluggish or like you’re slogging through the day. We got to try Nug’s SFV OG premium flower, available in Los Angeles and other California cities on one of the first popping June days of the year.

Hybrids like SFV OG have deep parentage and contentious lore behind them, and this one does not disappoint in the flavor and effects that we’ve come to expect from SFV OG.’s offering comes from Oakland and has a bottomless pungency that is impossible to become noseblind to, even five joints in. The dense and healthy buds filled clip after clip and didn’t burn with any canoe or watercraft elements, just smooth cherries and even sailing through each stick.

With a lovely 22% THC that is much, much stronger than it reads, the piney notes and woods in the middle finish with a sweet ending that makes you want to pick up the next joint right away, not that you’ll need it. This strain is also excellent for vape lovers, who will get every single note of the aroma’s song better with combustion.

Get your San Fernando Valley OG on with Nug, available in select California cities and worth every bit of effort to source.

Photos: Maria Penaloza

Emerald contributor since May 2017


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