Hemp Greeting Cards From Ameri-Canna

Hemp Greeting Cards from AMERI-CANA

Move over Hallmark. There are new greeting cards in town, and they’re all American-na.This week I tried two Hemp Greeting Cards from the Ameri-Canna company. Ameri-Canna is a Colorado-based eco-friendly cannabis company that sells a variety of cannabis products, ranging from CBD and THC products, to apparel and accessories. 

Ameri-Canna Greeting Cards are made of 100% plant-based materials. Hemp Greeting Cards are made of 25% hemp and 75% post-consumer (recycled) paper. They also come with hemp rolling papers and hemp plastic tubs. 

The Rolling Card, which fittingly read “Let the good times roll,” came with foldable filters that you could rip from the card itself, a box of rolling papers, and a small tin box to put goodies in. One side of the card could also be folded into a rolling tray. 

The Spliff Card came with the same filters, a hemp-plastic reusable tube, bands for attaching multiple spliffs, and assorted stickers to customize. This one said, “Let’s get to the point…let’s roll another joint.” 

These 100% sustainably made hemp greeting cards are perfect for occasional smokers or daily stoners. The Rolling Card in particular would make a great gift. That’s because it allows you to put cannabis in the small tin, which, combined with the rolling papers, filters, and the rolling tray, will allow the receiver to roll a joint right then and there! 

The Pros:

As someone who likes to smoke outside or on-the-go, I found the Spliff Card very useful. The rolling paper and filter combo is convenient, and having something to carry the joint in was a nice touch. 

It is not advertised as smell-proof. But once the joint was in the tube and sealed, I could not smell it at all even on the hour and a half-long subway ride to Coney Island. It’s also easily washable if the inside does start to get smelly.

The 32 rolling papers that come with both cards are high quality. They do not rip easily. Because they are made with 100% hemp, no harmful chemicals are going into your body. 

The papers, which were advertised as “slow burning” really did burn slowly, making joints last longer. Even on a windy day at the beach, the joint I rolled burned slowly and lasted a while, unlike some other rolling papers I have tried in the past. 

Ameri-Canna Cons:

Papers and filters were easy to roll, and add to the joints — but it wasn’t the smoothest smoke I have ever had. Even with the filters, it was a bit harsh on the lungs. But I think having them on the card is a great — and convenient — touch.  

I plan on recommending these eco-friendly cards to people I know in the future — and giving one to my friends on their birthdays this year because they’re so useful and are essentially a card and a gift all in one!

The only thing that would make this card better is if they came with cannabis in the actual card. 

The cards themselves range from $8.99-$12.99, and are a little pricey for your average greeting card… But then again, these aren’t your average greeting cards.  

Altogether, it earns 4.5 stars!


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