Art Culture


The sun wasn’t shining as we walked along The limbs of trees hanging down To meet the others on the [...]


Driftwood How long did you live for How many years did it take you to grow To the big ole tree That [...]

For you

For You A poem by Joesph Walter The beauty of today Is not in the suns rays Or the drops [...]


Flow   Each drop of rain falls Crashes to earth Without pain Splash Always in a hurry Your not where [...]

Life on the North Coast

Life on the North Coast Here are some Of the things I like the most. To be reminded Just how [...]


Redwoods Redwoods Redwoods, redwoods so sad it is truly to see you become deadwoods. To go back in time to [...]


MY OPEN EYES To the young woman I call my padiwon. Moving away was right for me, but to you, [...]

The Sea

The Sea The sounds of the sea are ever so tranquil to me. The smells of the sea smell mostly [...]