The Dime: 7/24/2020

Written by Sonia Case Following important cannabis news articles every day can be a real burn-out, we know. That’s why [...]

Cop-Ed: Treating Minors as Adults has a Lifelong Impact

Since we have expanded to New York City in 2019, The Emerald has heard countless stories of brutality, cruelty and [...]

Op-Ed: One Third of Young New Yorkers Love Cannabis; White People Smoke More Weed Than People of Color, Now What?

With one of the largest grey markets, New York City is one of the most sativa soaked places on Earth, [...]

Op-Ed: Decrim is Not Enough for New Yorkers

Can you smell it? Longtime residents of New York City have definitely noticed an uptick in the frequency of smelling [...]

Op-ed: NYPD Wasting Resources on Cannabis Enforcement

While the city waits with shallow, anxious breaths for news of the latest victim of street violence, who remains in [...]