social justice

Ngaio Bealum

Always an advocate for amusement and a master of blending lighthearted tones with hefty topics is Ngaio Bealum — an [...]

Justice Denied: Trenice Holley of Maryland

  Trenice Holley: “I was an opioid addict until I listened to friends who suggested cannabis to help me stop [...]

Justice Denied: Ryanna and Joe McMinn of Nevada

Ryanna and Joe McMinn have endured many challenges in their efforts to treat her Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome with medical cannabis in [...]

Justice Denied: Michael Scofield of Virginia Beach, VA

  Michael Scofield, age 34, is a permanently disabled U.S. Navy veteran. He was serving in the Navy as a [...]
Sean Worsley

Justice for Sean Worsley: Why and How to Help the Veteran Facing 5 Years in Prison for Medical Cannabis

Sean Worsley is a Purple Heart Veteran suffering from a traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) following his [...]
Vanessa Guillén

Vanessa Guillén: A Journey of Injustice

  In the midst of a continuous and unrelenting struggle to dismantle systemic racism in this country, the United States [...]
Organizations Advocating for Social Equity logo picture

Get Informed, Get Involved: 20 Cannabis Organizations Advocating for Social Equity

In association with Emerald’s ongoing lists of minority-owned cannabis businesses, we are highlighting 20 organizations advocating for social equity and [...]

Justice Denied: Harry Kelso of Roanoke, Virginia

When Harry Kelso was sent to prison in 2008, our country had just elected our first African American president and [...]

Philly’s Sheena Roberson is Reminding Felon’s That They Deserve to be Treated Fairly

Social equity is a phrase that is continuously circulated throughout the cannabis industry. But there is still a lack of [...]