Cannabis Media Summit NYC: Tim Seymour and Jeanne Sullivan

CNBC’s Tim Seymour and Jeanne Sullivan from ArcView Group have a fireside chat at the Cannabis Media Summit, NYC.

DIY Infused Coconut Oil For Your Food, Body, and Everything Else

By now, we’re all down with the wonder cream that is coconut oil. But we’ve doubled the miracles it brings [...]

Cambridge Analytica Whistleblower, Brittany Kaiser

Extraction Explained: Cannabis Derived Terpenes – How to Extract and Isolate These Compounds

Nick Tennant, Founder & CTO of Precision Extraction Solutions, discusses terpenes – the naturally occurring compound responsible for producing scents [...]

Extraction Explained: Understanding the Wide World of Cannabinoids

In this overview, Precision Extraction Solutions’ CTO, Nick Tennant, gives a high-level overview of cannabinoids. – 1) What are cannabinoids [...]

Calór Cannabis Maple Liqueur

Here’s a lil’ somethin’ sweet for a spicy night. Try our DIY recipe at home!

Laced: Bree Original Designs

Emerald is rolling up to high fashion studios around NYC. Bree Original Designs breaks boundaries between being a girl and [...]

Cobra Extracts

We tried Cobra Extracts’ Jack Herer. There’s a reason why they won the 2018 Cannabis Cup!

Morning CBD Mocktail

By Samantha Wahl Photo by Jennifer Pallian  Not all cities permit CBD-infused beverage sales–ehem, NYC. But there are plenty of [...]