Tangerine Cream Dream Farm

POT TALK Imagine you’re in the middle of a tangerine farm. Hundreds of rows of tangerine trees in every direction. Now imagine being really high in a Tangerine Dream Farm. Unlike any other strain I’ve come in contact with, Tangerine Cream smells exactly like tangerines. It has a light, fluffy feel that is immediately satisfying. The minute the bag opens, a strong fruity fragrance wafts out, hittingmy face with hints of sugar and sour candy.

This could have also been because I went to a Tangerine Dream Farm to smoke it. I figured it was only right. Plus, free tangerines!

This is a unique strain grown specifically for the Downtown Patient Group (DTPG) in Los Angeles, California. While I was in the dispensary, two other people asked for it by name. It might be because it’s just fun to say, but most likely it’s because the flavor is just as smooth as the smell. The fruitiness of the smoke goes perfect with a hint of sour candy. It feels very light and easy on the lungs. I feel like I have great breath after. Plus who doesn’t like fruit?

To make a Tangerine Dream Farm, climb up in a big tree with a bag of tangerines. Maybe seven-to-10 to be safe. Throw them around until they’re all stuck in the branches floating around you like orange stars. That’s what I did. Now close your eyes and imagine rows of tangerines. Take a big whiff of that flower and smell the tangerines a mile in every direction. Now blur your eyes and shake your head around, there’s tangerines all around you!

I don’t recommend smoking the Tangerine Cream in the Tangerine Dream Farm because I did and although exciting, it was extremely hard to climb down through the branches after you’re done. Smoking cannabis in a tree is almost always a bad idea unless you’re a professional and I am definitely not a professional tree climbing cannabis smoker.

Often times a fruity taste can make even old buds taste fresh, but these seem recently trimmed and looked clean. They have a mess of orange hairs weaving through them like beautiful dreadlocks and bits of purple pop out here and there to give it the technicolor look that every smoker loves. It’s actually pretty damn beautiful!

While staring into the eye of this beautiful bud, I realized I just left all my tangerines in the tree. I gathered a group of rocks and to my surprise had great aim! My tangerine high was crisp, clear and full of energy. I felt alive and knocked every tangerine down, one-by-one, like a professional tangerine knocker-out-of-tree-er. I even caught a few and did a little tangerine dance.

Half the tangerines were lost in the scuffle, but luckily I’m an okay juggler. I still had my pipe, lighter and baggie. I juiced the tangerines, mixed myself a smoothie, and smoked another bowl. By the way, the Tangerine Cream also goes great with a fruit smoothie!

The high lasted another four hours and the come down was calm and pleasant. It was easy to smoke a lot of this as the taste is so dialed-in, and the high feels unintrusive to your thought process. I would recommend Tangerine Cream to most smokers. It’s definitely more of a head high than a body high, but my whole body felt great considering the huge tree I climbed. It’s a hybrid in the best sense for me, personally. Good body high, great head high, no loss of energy. I felt creative and eager to have conversations. I can tell why everyone at the dispensary was asking for it by name. Novelty isn’t usually my thing but, Tangerine Cream is the best kind, the kind that tastes like tangerines!


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