Testing out Murano Tips for a Smoother Smoke

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My joint rolling ritual pretty much always involves a poorly ripped index card for a filter, papers, and my trusted rolling tray. These three have been the staples of my life as long as I’ve been smoking. Although my paper companions have served me well, I was curious to see how glass tip filters could elevate my smoking experience. This week I rolled up and tested these Murano Tips in two different sizes.


About the Brand:

Murano Tips specifically make hand-crafted tips out of Murano glass. The glass itself has a rich history, and this brand nods its head to that with its craftsmanship of genuine Venetian glass. The company also places an emphasis on sustainability with their reusable tips, as well as having a better flavor experience while smoking.

Photo by Lauren Diaz

How it Compares to Paper Filters:

When it came time to roll up, I noticed some enhanced differences compared to rolling with my standard index card filter. Rolling with these glass tips made the experience feel more luxurious, and I especially appreciated how the indented centers made it impossible for any loose pieces to be pulled into my mouth while smoking. The pull when using the glass tips is much smoother and has a softer throat hit than a normal paper filter. It surprised me how easy it was to smoke without falling into a coughing fit. 

Photo by Lauren Diaz

What I Didn’t Like:

There is an imbalance of pros and cons for these glass tips. I found them to elevate the smoking experience to the point where I would feel that something was missing without them. However, it can be super finicky to get the paper to stick to the glass tip, which definitely requires more time to roll than a regular joint. This is something that isn’t a deal breaker for me, but rather a learning curve. An interesting tip for this issue; use a dab of maple syrup to stick the tips to the paper if you’re having trouble.

Another downfall is that when you’re rolling, you have to roll to the size of the tip. This can be annoying if you’re not looking to roll a fat joint or blunt. Regardless of how you use the tip (either rolled inside or slid over the joint), it needs to be a uniform width in order to use the tip properly.

Murano glass tips are also fragile and can break easily if you’re clumsy.

Photo by Lauren Diaz

What I Liked:

One of the best features of these glass tips was the ability to get the most out of my roll. Usually, there is always a little bit of herb left at the bottom of my joints. But not with these. Instead, I could smoke worry-free until the very end, so it’s potentially cost-efficient in the long-run. 

The taste of the smoke is also remarkably different. The Murano Tips were able to cool down the smoke which made it both tastier and easier to hold. The taste alone gave me the incentive to continue experimenting with these.

I liked the option of using two different tips. Each one allowed for different flavor profiles that were noticeable from each roll I tried. If I wanted something stronger and more flavorful, I would swap in the widened mouth tip. But for something more subtle and smooth, the pinched mouth tip is perfect.

Another thing that I particularly liked is that the smell of the smoke doesn’t linger on your fingers like a paper-filter rolled joint would. If this is an area of concern for you, it might be worth trying out these Murano glass tips. 


Is it Worth it?

For $20, this two-pack of Murano tips is worth it if you plan on smoking primarily through joints or blunts. If you don’t roll that often, I don’t think they are absolutely necessary. But they would make a really great addition to your collection. I personally won’t roll anything without these now. The smoothness of the hit and the comfort of the experience has made these tips essential in my eyes.

 All-in-all, these Murano Tips get 4/5 Emeralds.


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