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5 Hemp-Infused Eyeshadows for Brighter Eyes

Those with super oily eyelids can relate to the struggle of having eyeshadow smudge throughout the day and travel to [...]

I Tried 43 CBD’s Tincture and Salve For My Joint Pain

CBD topicals like salves and lotions are often used to help ease conditions like muscle and joint pain. According to [...]
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Exploring the World of CBD Intimate Products

Pax 3 packaging

Healthier Hits? A Review of the Pax 3

  At $200, I was hoping the Pax 3 would deliver the best vaping experience I’ve ever had. After hearing [...]
Eossi’s Facial Glow Oil

CBD Glow Up: A Review of Eossi’s Facial Glow Oil #8

This week I tried out Eossi’s Facial Glow Oil #8. After experimenting with several different oils, I was curious to [...]

DIY CBD-Infused Moisturizer and Toner Under $20 Each

One of the best things about DIY products is the ability to fully customize exactly what you want in your [...]

I Tried Willie Nelson’s New Brand: Willie’s Remedy

Although Willie Nelson is known for his music, he has also catapulted two different cannabis brands onto the market, Willie’s [...]
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Testing out Murano Tips for a Smoother Smoke

My joint rolling ritual pretty much always involves a poorly ripped index card for a filter, papers, and my trusted [...]
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CBD-Infused Skin Care to Banish Your Acne

From what seems like the beginning of time, acne has plagued our faces with its stubborn persistence. Stress, stress eating, [...]