5 Hemp-Infused Eyeshadows for Brighter Eyes

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Those with super oily eyelids can relate to the struggle of having eyeshadow smudge throughout the day and travel to other zip codes on your face. For this reason, hemp seed oil can help make your eyeshadow last longer.


Why Hemp Seed Oil Works Well in Eyeshadow:

Hemp seed oil may seem like a random ingredient for an eyeshadow. But having it infused into makeup reaps some interesting benefits. For one, hemp seed oil can help to regulate the oil production in your skin, according to Healthline

On the flip side, having hemp seed oil in your shadows might prevent some of the flaking, dry skin associated with conditions like eczema. These eyeshadows have a creamier consistency and might wear better for folks with dry skin.

According to the beauty industry experts at Byrdie, hemp seed oil is anti-inflammatory due to the high levels of omega and fatty acids it contains. If you suffer from puffy eyes, products with hemp seed oil can reduce such puffiness.

Plus, if you find you have extremely sensitive skin around the eyes, incorporating this oil topically can help soothe irritation. Since hemp seed oil moisturizes the skin, it can also make for a smoother eyeshadow formula and application.

If you’re worried about clogged pores, look no further. That’s because hemp seed oil has a rating of zero on the comedogenic scale, so it won’t clog your pores.

Photo courtesy of Pacifica

Photo courtesy of Pacifica

1. Cosmic Reflect Hemp Infused Eye Shadows by Pacifica

$19 for 14 shades


Pacifica’s Cosmic Reflect palette contains an eclectic blend of bright, but totally wearable colors. If you’re looking for pigmented hemp eyeshadows that can create a ton of dynamic looks, this palette is one to consider. It also comes with a vegan eyeshadow brush and is free from talc, parabens, phthalates and mineral oil. Ingredients like mineral oil can be harmful to the environment, so it might be a good ingredient to avoid.

Photo courtesy of Pacifica

Photo courtesy of Pacifica

2. Tiger’s Eye Hemp Infused Eye Shadows by Pacifica

$10 for six shades


Another affordable option is the Tiger’s Eye palette by Pacifica. For those of you who prefer simple makeup looks, this palette offers a range of hemp-infused natural eyeshadow colors. Based on the colors of tiger stone, these shadows contain subtle nudes in a blend of matte and shimmer shadows. Just like the Cosmic Reflect palette, this collection of shadows is also free from talc, parabens, phthalates, and mineral oil.

Photo courtesy of Axiology Beauty

Photo courtesy of Axiology Beauty

3. OF THE EARTH Lip to Lid Balmies by Axiology Beauty

$36 for three balmies


Reminiscent of crayons, these vegan balmies are wrapped in only a piece of paper and are just as simple as crayons to apply. Besides being a win for low-waste enthusiasts, they also contain hemp seed oil, vitamin E and elderberry extract. For those with sensitive skin these balmies are promising because they don’t contain synthetic fragrances. With caramel, plum and cherry tints, these balmies offer something for any skin tone. These are advertised as multi-purpose sticks, which can be used on the cheeks, eyelids and lips for a soft flush of color.

Photo courtesy of PÜR Cosmetics

Photo courtesy of PÜR Cosmetics

4. Extreme Visionary 12-Piece Magnetic Eyeshadow Palette with Hemp by PÜR Cosmetics

$32 for 12 shades


This palette by PÜR Cosmetics is awesome for anyone who prefers the consistency and application of creamy eyeshadows. It’s also perfect for those who want a diverse collection of natural colors. It has a range of creamy metallics and mattes to brighten up your everyday makeup routine. This palette is also gluten free and vegan.

Photo courtesy of Hard Candy

5. Smoke Out Hemp Eyeshadow Palette by Hard Candy

$10 for 15 shades


If you want to express your love for cannabis, Hard Candy’s Smoke Out Hemp Eyeshadow Palette has a range of rich greens and flattering neutrals. It has a blend of glittery colors, shimmers, and mattes with larger panels of the basic colors. With an affordable range of 15 shades, this palette also comes with four eyeshadow brushes.


Whether you’re looking for an eyeshadow palette to try out new looks or seeking to reap the benefits of hemp in new ways, these eyeshadows are worth exploring.

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