I Tried 43 CBD’s Tincture and Salve For My Joint Pain

CBD topicals like salves and lotions are often used to help ease conditions like muscle and joint pain. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 15 million people in the U.S. report feeling severe joint pain related to arthritis yearly. Does topical CBD really make a difference for joint pain?

One study involving rats found that topical CBD may be a therapeutic treatment for those with Osteo-arthritis, a chronic condition of degeneration of cartilage between your bones in joints.

Other studies also echo this finding. Additional research also done on rats found that when applied topically, CBD can significantly reduce joint swelling. The study’s researchers also concluded that topical CBD could be a useful potential therapy to help those with arthritic pain without adverse side effects.

Curious to see how CBD could ease my persistent wrist pain, I tested out 43 CBD’s tinctures and salves.


Pocket Tin CBD Hemp Oil Salve

75 mg, $15

43 CBD Salve by Christina de Giovanni

This salve really delivers. From the no-nonsense product design to the lovely smell, I was blown away by the power from such a small container. What made this slave special and standout  from other salves is the non-greasy texture. It doesn’t leave an oily film, and after rubbing it in, there’s hardly a trace of anything on the skin.

It has ingredients like organic olive oil, coconut oil and vitamin E, which are all great for their moisturizing properties. The smell is strong, but not overpowering and the small container makes it unburdensome to carry around.

For someone with mild joint or muscle pain, this is an effective affordable option. It definitely produces the targeted pain relief it claims to have. My wrist pain isn’t constant but generally gets worse after exercises like yoga. I found that this salve was especially useful right after exercising and by using it before bed I was able to avoid some of the pain I usually feel the day after exercising. I tested this out on a family member who has severe arthritis and while this salve slightly soothed her pain, it didn’t work as deeply as she wanted it to. 

43 CBD offers salves with higher cannabinoid content on their site which might be better for those with stronger joint pain.


Rating: 5/5 Emeralds


THC Free CBD Oil Tincture

1000 mg, $80


This tincture definitely has the presence of one with a strong effect. You can expect about 34 mg of CBD per dropper. Especially when used with the CBD salve, you can almost immediately feel a calming ease wash over you. I found that the whole truly is greater than the sum of its parts when it comes to addressing my joint pain with these products. Because the tincture and salve address different aspects of the pain, they work really well together to target wherever is feeling off. You can use the tincture topically or sublingually, but I had the best results in overall feelings of relief when I ingested it under my tongue.

Individually, this tincture is great for addressing feelings of anxiety and easing the stress of a heavy workload. It definitely has potential to help you unwind after a stressful day. Rested assured, the product is also third party lab tested. Lab results for your specific batch can be found here.

But if you’re looking for a great tasting CBD tincture, this one misses the mark. Unfortunately, this brand only offers one seasonal CBD oil with pumpkin spice added flavor. However, for someone with sensitivity to essential oils, or prefers a natural taste, this could be a great option as it doesn’t contain potentially sensitizing essential oils.

If you’re looking for a more affordable CBD oil with a great taste, the Sunsoil CBD Oil in the chocolate mint flavor has awesome flavor. If you’re hoping to find something that covers the same amount of CBD per bottle, another enjoyable option is the Willie’s Remedy CBD Tincture and you can find a review of it here.


Rating: 4/5 Emeralds

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