That’s a (Blunt) Wrap! Our Fav NYFW Looks

Fashion week comes but twice a year in New York City, and plenty of other fabulous urban locales like Paris, Milan, and even Los Angeles.

This year, we saw a distinct uptick of cannabis-friendly fashions from the likes of Korto Momolu and Women Grow (check out our forthcoming print magazine editorial with some behind-the-scenes fun), but there was plenty of stuff that was suitable to look at high, our next-best fashion fav activity. 

Here’s some of the amazing looks from the Spring/Summer 2020 season:

Mei Kawajiri Nails for Marc Jacobs


This pleasantly warm palette gave us all the feels, Marc Jacobs’ shows are known for their wow-factor and Mei Kawajiri’s nails are, dare we say, even more exciting than the clothes (most of the time!).

The eyeshadow, the darling nails, the matching—it is everything, and has a slight stoner flare. 

Alok V. Menon

Gender nonconforming Menon took the street style niche by the horns this season, slaying looks left and right. 

Koni Bennett for TreSemme

Bennett is a frequent NYFW stylist, and this year’s ponytails will be much-copied.

Mateo Palacio at Sprayground x Fight Club


Fashionista and model Mateo Palacio wore this wild B Calla getup with such grace that we might even be down to try it after a few blunts.

Daily Paper

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cyborg skin 2.0 bts for @dailypaper

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This skin look is what dreams are made of.


This nail look is also by Mei Kawajiri, if you couldn’t already tell. Her art is truly iconic and any designer that gets to work with her during NYFW is going to have some of the best nails of the season. 

Korto Momolu x Women Grow


Momolu and Women Grow might have kicked off the season with their leisurewear and couture made to evoke canna-feels, but these looks will be remembered as a collab that helped usher cannabis back into the halls of fashion where it has always belonged. 

Cover Image courtesy of Korto Momolu 

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