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The state of Vermont is over 75% forest, making it a true green state. In 1777, French-Canadian explorers named the area “mont vert,” meaning green mountain. It became the 14th state in 1791.

Burlington is one of many great places to live and visit in Vermont. The city is located along the Eastern shore of Lake Champlain and is 40 miles from the state capital of Montpelier. Burlington has a long history of rich and

diverse culture. Famous for the musical group Phish and Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, Burlington is a beautiful city and the seventh most desired place to live in 2014 according to Outside Magazine. The University of Vermont is actively committed to community involvement. Their sorority Alpha Chi Omega, and fraternity Phi Kappa Alpha, recently raised over $30,000 for the Alzheimer’s Association, helping not only Vermont, but the world around them.

Incredible Food, Love for Art, and a Mix of Music

The Burlington community and downtown area are full of stores, breweries, pubs, and festivals that can be enjoyed year round. While you’re in Vermont, you may be curious as to where you canna and canna not partake. Vermont is not recreationally legal yet, but has many canna-friendly businesses where you won’t get the stare-down for smelling a bit green.

If you’re visiting, or are new to town and are looking for some great places to explore, we’ve got you covered. Downtown Burlington’s diverse setting is sure to have something for you. Craft beer is a favorite of many Burlingtonians. With over ten specialty brewers located in Burlington, you are sure to find a craft beer that compliments your tastes.


Joints You’ll Love, with Food and Drinks Too!

Nectar’s −

Whether you’re looking for food or entertainment to satisfy your insatiable urge for interaction, Nectar’s of Burlington is the spot and has been since 1975. From gravy fries to fried chicken, Fridays at Nectar’s involve live entertainment and cheerful gallivanting. Tuesday’s at Nectar’s consist of Grateful Dead jam sessions and flashbacks from the past. Nectar’s has been serving Burlington’s cultural crowds for over 40 years. The band Phish got their start playing here, and many other national groups have graced their stage, making Nectar’s a musical utopia from rock to reggae and everything in between. People I’ve talked to who remember Nectar’s from 15 years ago still recommend it as a must-do in Burlington. New owners took over in 2003, but Nectar’s stayed the same, living up to the promise you will see on the back of every staff member’s shirt, “Fresh Music Served Daily.”

Radio Bean −

Lee Anderson is the owner of Radio Bean, a unique Burlington cultural spot. More than just your everyday caffeinated java joint, Radio Bean is a place to gather with friends to enjoy music, see local artists, and to cure that dry mouth with affordable drinks. Note to reader: try the $5 shake.

  The jazz scene in Burlington is a happening one, and you can find it happening at Radio Bean. As the legendary Miles Davis once said, «Jazz is the big brother of revolution. Revolution follows it around.» It would be safe to say that revolution is definitely hanging out in Burlington, Vermont and has a home at Radio Bean.

Burlington Pub and Brewery −

Greg Noonan, the owner and founder of Vermont Pub and Brewery, opened his doors back in 1988 and has been ensuring people have fun ever since. Both the college crowd and locals love the Vermont Pub and Brewery with their 47 different styles of craft beer.

  Greg Noonan is known around the world for his book on homebrewing. So it’s no surprise that they have some of the most amazing beers around. Maybe you’re looking to enjoy an Apple Cinnamon Lager, a Chocolate-covered Strawberry Stout, or to slam back a glass of Handsome Mick’s Irish Stout. No matter what you’re in the mood for, you are sure to find that specialty craft brew at this pub. With such a vast selection, they’re bound to be the cure for your cottonmouth. Stop in and discover your favorite beer. If you’re anything like Greg, when it comes to the satisfying taste of craft beer, it will be the one that is in your hand!

The Green Mountain State is a True Green State

Vermont is an extraordinary place on a path to making cannabis history and the quiet little town of Burlington is in the middle of it all. Vermont’s push for legalization has put it center stage for the eastern wing of the cannabis movement. Unlike other places that have legalized by voting, Vermont would legalize at the legislative level, the first of its kind. This bold, brave move, encouraged by the people, will be watched closely by the rest of America and the world around. With decriminalization already in place and medical marijuana dispensaries approved and operating, Vermont has put itself on the map as a major player in the rights of Americans and the legalization of Mary Jane.




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