The Cannabis Spa at Home

The Cannabis Spa at Home | Take Your Home Spa to New Heights






It is no easy feat to craft a DIY spa book that can introduce newcomers to cannabis-infused goodies while also giving new ideas to experienced topical-makers. The Cannabis Spa at Home strikes that balance.

Author Sandra Hinchliffe experimented in her own kitchen for years to create healing lotions, bath salts, facial masks and other topicals after she learned that traditional pharmaceuticals couldn’t help her manage her chronic pain. The result of this labor, and her desire to share what she’s learned, is a book with a variety of spa recipes detailed step-by-step, ranging from easy to make to exotic dishes.


Want immediate gratification? The Quick Start Guide in chapter one is just for you. Using common kitchen ingredients, spices and cannabis, you can make your own salve, ointment, massage oil, wrap, poultice, or bath soak to turn your bathroom into a cannabis spa overnight. While these are not technically difficult, be sure to read the whole recipe first and then each step carefully so you have a better understanding of what to expect.


Don’t skip the introduction to this book, regardless of your skill level. It’s only about six pages and lays out the definition of all the terms used in the book. This is important even for expert topical makers—there is no widely accepted industry definition for terms like “keif,” so it’s good to know what her recipes use.


Later chapters explore making cannabis-infused lotions, creams, scrubs, tea and smoothies, all geared toward health, well being, and pain management. In consideration of folks with sensitivities and allergies, this book uses ingredients that are free from many major allergens including eggs, gluten, peanuts, soy, fish, and dairy.


Sandra Hinchliffe’s friendly, warm tone makes the book an engaging read. After having tried several of the recipes, they do come together as the beautifully as the pictures show, but deviating from the recipe is not advised until you’ve practiced a few times.


Learn more about The Cannabis Spa at Home at Sandra Hinchliffe’s website, She’s scheduled to release another book, High Tea: Gracious Cannabis Tea Recipes for Every Occasion, later this year.

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