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Following important cannabis news articles every day can be a real burn-out, we know. That’s why the Emerald rolls up a chronicle of the headiest news hits, and passes them to you at the end of each week. We Bring You: The Dime.


Cannabis Seems to Reduce Opioid Use Among Chronic Pain Patients, Meta-Study Finds

According to Marijuana Moments, cannabis is being seen in a new light all thanks to scientific meta-analysis. As mentioned in the article, “a team of graduate students at the University of Arizona’s College of Public Health found that patients reported a 64-75% reduction in opioid dosage when used in combination with medical cannabis”. The goal of the research is to minimize opioid use in non-cancer chronic patients by prescribing them cannabis. There are still many gaps to be filled, such as dosage and potential side effects.


Australian Government Unveils Proposal for Over-the-Counter CBD

CBD regulations are experiencing a turn for the better within the Australian government. Currently, there are discussions surrounding whether or not to allow limited doses of CBD to be prescribed over-the-counter. Patients must be at least 18 years old age, and can have no more than a 30-day supply of the product. Some time in June is when Australia’s Health Department will be speaking out about the proposal, dedicating the month of  May as a platform to hear the public’s thoughts on the matter. Hemp Industry Daily notes that, “In Australia, CBD is currently a Schedule 4 substance and therefore only available with a prescription.”


Origin of 420: How It Became the Celebrated Cannabis Holiday

According to HeadyNJ, “the holiday came about in 1971 after a few high school students in San Rafael, Calif. began spending time together. The group, known as the Waldos, often met after school at 4:20 p.m. at a statue of famed chemist, Louis Pasteur, to smoke”. They used the term “420” as the code word when talking about their smoke sessions.The Waldos Had tight knit connections to the band Grateful Dead before they were famous, often attending practices and rehearsals. The phrase caught on with band members, and soon, the cannabis community started buzzing with the new found term. 


Lebanon Legalizes Medical Cannabis Cultivation

Cannabis Business Times states that “the Lebanese Republic legalized medical cannabis cultivation”. The law was passed on April 21, 2020, in hopes of promoting movement of exports from the country, and in turn, boost the economy. Prior to his law, the plant was frowned upon. But the Lebanese parliament felt it was just to move forward with legalization—especially in light of the country’s current economic crisis. 


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