The Medicine Man

   When my wife and I decided to take our honeymoon in 2014, we took a nontraditional trip. Being huge fans of the cannabis community and with recreational legalization in Colorado, it only made sense to take our honeymoon there. We stayed at the Clarks Family Homestead in Teller County, just past Cripple Creek, Colorado. The first place we went upon arriving at Denver’s International Airport was the Medicine Man Dispensary.

3U2A9175-copy   From the first time I went there, and each time after, I’ve had nothing but great experiences. The knowledgeable and friendly budtenders hustle and bustle on their side of the counter while handling hundreds of customers. Some users know exactly what they’re after, while others are extremely inquisitive. These budtenders work diligently to provide accurate information about cannabis to their patients.

   When I hear of someone going to Denver, I always recommend they visit the Medicine Man. The G6 #3 Shatter is dabsolutely amazing there! Its taste, effect, and overall quality is on point, and I’ve tried many different types of shatter in Colorado…

Origins of the Medicine Man Dispensary

   Owners and brothers Andy and Pete Williams are two driven and motivated businessmen. One is an excellent horticulturist and botanist, the other is a professional in the business scene.
Together they founded the Medicine Man in 2010. Since that pivotal point, The Medicine Man has grown into the largest cannabis dispensary in Denver. With two locations, one in Denver and the other in Auroa, Colorado, the Medicine Man caters to both recreational consumers and medical patients with a consistent quality product at an even cost.

The Door Opened

   I had the pleasure of touring this Denver-based dispensary. Guided by Trey Fisher, a medicine man of the club, I walked through their state-of-the-art facility. There were many rooms full of beautiful plants. There were rooms dedicated to mothers and others that were in a constant vegetative state. There were rooms for clones and every phase of cannabis. There was a trimming room, a curing room, a drying room, and so on. All of these rooms were staffed by individuals who looked absolutely euphoric while doing their jobs.

Beyond the personal attention that each room and plant receives, the Medicine Man also monitors their product technologically by utilizing advanced computer servers. These servers run around $65,000 per unit, and help to control every aspect of the grow. The Medicine Man does not just cultivate cannabis only to sell it out the door: every aspect must be documented. Any time a plant is trimmed or weighed, it has to be registered. There is an RF tag system for the state of Colorado, as well as an RF tags system created by The Medicine Man staff themselves. In essence, everything is double checked, literally.

The Old and the New Working Together

   The back of the facility is split into two separate areas. There is the original grow operation, which is still functional and produces grade-A cannabis. Then there is the other side, where everything is as pristine as a medical facility. The new side, just like the other, is two stories high and contains state-of-the-art everything, like massive computer servers that monitor every aspect of the operation. Ventilation, water, and temperature among many other things were measured and controlled by the servers. The plants at The Medicine Man drank better than most people on the block with their pure and delectable reverse osmosis water.

   The quality of both recreational and medicinal cannabis from The Medicine Man Dispensary is top of the line. The dispensary has a variety of products to choose from, giving them the biggest selection in Denver. When it comes to cannabis, you can get Indicas, Sativas and hybrid flowers that are all strain-specific with the ingredients and profile of the strain listed clearly on the packaging. There are edibles concentrates, drinks, tinctures, as well as pipes, smoking accessories, and clothing. All in all, it’s easy to see why The Medicine Man Dispensary is the number one dispensary in Denver.

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