The Speak Easy

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 Shannon Perkins | Photography by Michael Batty

The Speak Easy; a place where the drinks are strong, the music is loud, and the talk is…easy.

For cocktails with juice so fresh you can watch the fruit get squeezed, come to the Speak Easy.  For seasonal mulled wine, live music weekly, and an ambiance that transports you to another time and place, come to the Speak Easy.  For a dangerous chocolate experience like no other, come to the Speak Easy.  _MG_0668At the appropriately-named bar in Eureka’s Opera Alley, find exquisite drinks of all kinds.  Variations on martini from lemon drop to grapefruit juice, to the notable chocolate pictured here.

Alythia Noland and Peter Lomely were here on a Tuesday night, enjoying the jazz stylings of the Opera Alley Cats (every Tuesday night 7:30-10:30 pm).  Noland and Lomely say the Speakeasy is “comforting, super chill, not dive-ish, and serves amazing cocktails.”  _MG_0705

Go for a classy evening to “enjoy music and a relaxing environment.  It feels like I’ve left Eureka.”

Kim Will serves up a chocolate martini which she calls “dangerous.”  This writer agrees.  In the beginning, the martini tastes harmless, more like eye candy than an adult beverage.  At first sip, chocolate sensations take over, not too sweet, more of that rich cacao taste, seducing the lucky drinker all the way to an empty glass.  This is the danger zone.  Round 2?  Proceed with caution.  The flavor is an even match to alcohol strength, both top-notch.  All their specialty cocktails are works to enjoy with the eye and taste buds.  The juice for each drink is made to order, solidifying a flavor so fresh you won’t want to have it any other way.  Even the classic martini looks and tastes perfect.

From vodka, rum, tequila, bourbon, absinthe, and even moonshine, the Speak Easy’s got it.  Just remember the password.  And tip your bartender.

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