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Becoming your own Healer with CBD Soft Gels


I personally have never tried CBD softgels before my experience with Treat Yourself’s beautifully packaged product. When looking at the packaging, I felt as if I was getting ready to dive into a true healing experience. With 25 mg of full-spectrum phytocannabinoid-rich capsules derived from organically grown hemp oil, I knew this was going to be an intriguing medicinal experience.

I was experiencing slight nausea from anxiety at nighttime due to my bi-annual break from cannabis. Once I ingested this easily consumable product, my nausea basically vanished. I awoke to the sunlight every morning, fully inspired, and full of revitalized energy.

Treat Yourself’s CBD softgels also contain a wide range of minor phytocannabinoids such as CBN, CBG, and CBC, and over 40 natural terpenes, which creates a balanced mind. This product includes many of the minor phytocannabinoids, commonly left out by the majority of CBD products.

This wide range of phytocannabinoids with absolutely zero psychoactive effects makes them a rather unique and valuable product for cannabis consumers, especially those who wish to take a “tolerance break,” or need to quit using cannabis for a short period of time. My cravings for THC basically went away and I found myself not pacing back and forth full of angst, trying to find something to do like I normally experience on my tolerance breaks.

Upon trying Treat Yourself, I felt inspired to start reading and writing, and went the extra mile in my personal endeavors. Ultimately, these CBD softgels crossed my path at the perfect time, and because of that, I would consider them a medicinal masterpiece. This full-spectrum, hemp oil product really has noticeable effects which I have observed to be pretty rare when it comes to most products advertised as CBD-only and non-psychoactive.

Overall, Treat Yourself’s CBD softgels are solvent free, fully decarboxylated, pesticide free, and deliver a truly powerful boutique product for cannabis consumers. This product is astonishing and I would recommend it to all levels of cannabis users, especially for individuals looking for zero psychoactive effects but still seeking the relaxing and grounding benefits of cannabis.

Keep a sharp eye out for this product. It is very easy to consume at any time of the day, and leaves behind a nice flavor, thanks to the terpenes. It also did not cause issues with digestion, as I have experienced with other CBD products.

These soft gels come in a pack of 30, along with small sample packages. Treat Yourself also has a facial moisturizer, natural clay tooth powder for whitening, brightening eye serum, and an all-natural deodorant. I think the deodorant may be my next purchase.

In the end, this company knows what it means to “be your own healer,” which just so happens to be their motto. With powerful craftsmanship behind this product line, it is obvious that the healers at Treat Yourself are committed to wholesome wellness.

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