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There is something about the way a flavor can hit the tongue just right and how the balance of sharp and subtle strike a harmony.

The harmony is loud and perfect, stirring a happiness, a joy, in eating. Sometimes, though, nails screech a chalkboard when the term ‘medicine’ or ‘health food’ drops. Enter Valhalla Confections’ gummies: the candy is so good, it’s actually

Health foods are extremely important to me. It is not often that the delightful harmony of dank noshing coincides with potent medicine. Valhalla Confections’ gummies are not too sweet to be candy, and not too healthy to taste like straight medicine. It is a gummy for grownups, and Valhalla makes them as ten milligram doses in sativa, indica, and CBD strains.
Almost a year ago, on my first trip to the Sonoma Patient’s Group in Santa Rosa, California, I asked the budtenders for advice on CBD products. Valhalla Confections came highly recommended.
In order to medicate low-key and give my lungs a break, I was interested in this gummy-type cannabis treat. I recently heard about CBD through the cannabis-vine, and the low-dose gummy rectangles seemed like a good starting place. The experience I had was memorable. The mood shift and uplift keeps me looking and asking for this brand by name all the way down in Los Angeles. Out of the pack of five, each dose feels the same, and delivers a reliable effect.
On March 1st, Brian Scott and I chatted over the phone about his company, Valhalla Confections. He and business partner, Drew Bulfer, created Valhalla Confections in September 2014. For nine months, Bulfer and Scott researched and tested recipes. By June 2015, Valhalla Confections had locked down a unique recipe based on strain specific gummies; indica, sativa, and CBD.

“Everything is handmade, and lab tested at SC Labs,” Scott explains, “we test the [cannabis] oils used to make the gummies.” Valhalla works with licensed growers who use only organic methods. Their cannabis concentrates are derived from CO2 extraction methods.
The indica strain is Odin’s Reserve. Valhalla sources this strain from private, indoor farmers out of the San Francisco area. These indica gummies give a calming, happy high. It is well-balanced.
When deciding what sativa strain to use for their sativa gummies, Scott asked around and Sour Diesel was the most popular pick. Cultivated in Sonoma County, California, their Sour Diesel is grown outdoors in full sun.
For the CBD gummies, Valhalla sources cannabis from what is available on the ebb and flowing market. “We used Cannatonic recently, and Otto is currently in the mix,” Scott told me. Industrial hemp is also used to keep up with the high demand, and a lot of their CBD comes from Australia, especially during our winter due to the opposite seasons. To maintain the 2:1 CBD:THC ratio, some THC is added back.
Scott came to cannabis after 16 years as a firefighter, and 12 years as a paramedic in Indianapolis. Growing up in Eureka, Kansas, he had no exposure to cannabis. What he witnessed during long shifts as a paramedic was “a lot of people overdosing on opiates, narcotics, and other hard drugs. I can’t remember a call about marijuana, though. I saw people have trouble maintaining the use of opiates as prescribed by a doctor… [there was] a lot of drug abuse.” It wasn’t until his brother-in-law, who works at The Apothecarium in San Francisco, introduced him to cannabis that Scott began to study and research it. He saw people using cannabis who were able to eliminate their opiate use, observing that “Cannabis is natural. It’s not as harsh on the body.”
As a non-smoker himself, Scott set out to provide a product for people who are unable to smoke, or do not want to set fire to the flower. “Edibles are easy to take. They are ingestible and [effects] last a little bit longer than vaping or smoking,” he said. On average, the effects of the gummies start about one hour after consumption, and last for about four hours.
The ganja gummy scene was ready for something small and potent. So, Valhalla Confections started with Scott and Bulfer making everything by hand. They now have ten employees including a lead cook.
Here are some new items Scott says to look for from his growing business. In addition to their five pack of gummies at 60 milligrams, a two pack at 20 milligrams is on the way. Pre-roll packs called Valhalla Matchstix are six joints of the same strains available in gummies. A Thai Ginger Spice granola bar is also on the line in sativa and indica.
Based in Santa Rosa, Valhalla Confections is quickly expanding. Their products can be found in Bay Area dispensaries including The Apothecarium, Cookie Co. 415, Phytologie, Magnolia Wellness, and CBCB. In Southern California, check your area on EAZE delivery service website. Nevada has at least ten locations. To see the complete list, visit the Valhalla Confections website. It never hurts to ask for it at your local dispensary, too. It may lead them to discover the gummies of Valhalla Confections.
These gummies deliver a clean sampling of the strain from which they are derived, be it indica, sativa, or CBD, like a breath of fresh rosin, mixed with a mist of ripe and ready fruit.
“Heal tastefully” is their motto, a harmonious invitation to cannabis, health, and undeniable good taste. Valhalla Confections is a must have, trust me. Trust the labs. Whether dosing for fun, for health, or for all of the above, Valhalla Confections is the best.

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