Vegan Rolling Paper Brand, Cannabitch, Wants you to “Pass Joints, not Judgments”

As cannabis use continues to grow across the nation, it’s become clear that the plant is used by people from all walks of life. According to data from the industry technology company, Eaze, the number of female consumers nearly doubled between 2017 and 2018.
But if that’s the case, why do the majority of products on the market feel so damn male-centric?
Whether it’s in a local smoke shop, or skimming the pages of a cannabis magazine, it’s a question almost every woman smoker has pondered, including Cannabitch Brands founder, Jahna Rose. 

The Boys’ Club

Upon embracing the recreational market in Colorado, Rose knew she had to bring her feminine touch to what she described as “the boys club,” aka the cannabis industry. 

“While the landscape has changed in the last year and I notice far more womxn budtenders—I couldn’t help but feel as though most of the ancillary products were geared towards men,” Rose explains to the Emerald. “Pin-up girls, masculine packaging, it didn’t feel feminine or fun to me.” 

So, she set out to craft a rolling paper that would not only enhance the smoking experience itself, but empower and encourage women of all shapes, colors, and sizes. 

At first, Rose says that Cannabitch started as somewhat of a novelty.

“[It was] meant to be a cutesy impulse buy that celebrated women in all their glory with body type and race diversity [and] fun and empowering quotes that made smoking with your girl squad a little more fun,” she explains. 

She she researched materials, and learned that most rolling paper brands on the markets contained harmful ingredients, like dyes, Rose realized that she had to do more. 

As such, she set out to create a feminine product with no compromises.

After trying Cannabitch’s papers for myself, I found that they truly meet the mark Rose created for herself.


With the goal of keeping your smoking experience as natural as possible, Cannabitch papers are made from a combination of hemp and unbleached wood pulp from the acacia tree.

According to Rolling Paper Depot, wood pulp has been the most popular material for papers for over a century. However, hemp is gaining lots of traction for its delicate taste and durability. 

Surprisingly, most companies also use animal products, like collagen, in their rolling papers, reports The Herb Lifestyle. But, the sealing glue on Cannabitch papers is made from vegan gum, rather than animal collagen. 


My personal favorite aspect of these papers is the packaging. Upon arriving in the mail, the first thing that caught my eye was the warning label: “TRIGGER WARNING: USING THIS PRODUCT MAY LEAD TO EXTREME HAPPINESS.” 

Each pack features graphics of a badass woman, and quotes, including: “This is my self-care routine,” to my personal favorite, “Pass joints, not judgments.” This touch of inclusivity, and not to mention adorableness, is what truly sets apart Cannabitch from other papers on the market. 

“I’m all about womxn empowerment and diversity,” explains Rose. “From the stores who stock our papers to our amazing customers who purchase a few packs from our website, I am always getting the sweetest notes and DMs about how our papers make them feel happy. That’s all any business could ever hope for.” 


These papers are super thin and burn slow and easily. While I thought the incorporation of the wood pulp might leave me with a bad aftertaste, I could not taste anything but my bud.

They are sturdy, too. Not once did I lose any herb from a tap to the ashtray, nor did I have to re-light the joint after a few pulls.

Overall, each puff was incredibly smooth and enjoyable. 

Environmental Impact: 

Cannabitch strives to have as low of an environmental impact as possible. “Our papers and packaging are all made from renewable resources and can be recycled,” Rose says.

Additionally, Rose refrains from using extra paper or plastics when shipping her products. “When we ship, we use a bubble mailer to protect integrity but do not use tissue paper or include printed paper receipts or invoices to avoid unnecessary waste production.”

Instead, Rose says, Cannabitch emails receipts to customers.


Not too much to say here as these papers rolled quick and easy! My only requests would the inclusion of filters for added ease, and a line of larger papers for those looking to pack a larger punch. 


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In comparison to other brands on the market, Cannabitch is extremely reasonable. Each pack comes with 33 papers, and four packs will run you only $6. They are available for purchase on, as well as various dispensaries and smoke shops across the U.S, Canada, and Mexico. 


Overall, Cananbich offers a great product for just about any smoker. Their adorable packaging, ethically sourced materials, and fair price point make them the perfect give for your BFF, or yourself!

The Emerald gives Cannabitch papers a solid 4.7 stars, which could be easily bumped up to a five with the addition of filters.


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