Vertosa Partnering with Artet, Molly Jones, Rhythm and WUNDER to Enter the Cannabis Infused Beverage and Edible Sector this Summer

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The cannabis infused beverage and edible industry is growing exponentially. At the forefront are companies like Vertosa, which recently announced a partnership with companies like Artet, Molly Jonesand WUNDER this Summer to expand its product offerings.

Vertosa creates active solutions, or emulsions, which the company’s lead chemist and founder, Dr. Harold Han, previously described to the Emerald as, “a liquid suspended in another liquid.”

The result is a more bioavailable solution, meaning it can be absorbed better, and more quickly, by the body.

Thanks to the partnership, consumers will have even more infused drinkables and edibles to choose from. 

“The infused products sector continues to break new ground and Vertosa is excited to be at the forefront by working closely with forward-thinking brands to develop hemp and cannabis beverages and confections that appeal to an array of demographics wants and needs,” says Vertosa CEO, Ben Larson, in a press release from the company.

Photo Provided by Alexandra Rush, Molly Jones CBD Infused Gummies

Artet, a California-based company, is known for its non-alcoholic, cannabis infused beverages that have 2.5mg THC per serving. The aperitif can be used as a mixer and brings floral, herbal, and spicy notes to any mixed drink. 

Molly Jones founder, Shaina Kerrigan, and her women-led team specialize in handmade, naturally, fruit-flavored CBD-infused gummies that come in 25mg or 50mg doses, which are available for nationwide shipping. 

Rhythm’s CBD-infused beverages that induce energy or sleep are already being infused by Vertosa’s advanced emulsion technology, which customizes dosage, onset time, taste, and color. The product is also vegan, gluten-free, contains no GMO, and is keto-friendly. Rhythm’s CBD-infused Seltzer only contains 5 calories, zero sugar, and no artificial flavors that are now available for pre-order nationwide. 

Photo Provided by Alexandra Rush, Vertosa CEO Ben Larson

WUNDER, another infused seltzer brand, is the first to have Delta-8-THC. Each 8 ounce can come with 2mg Delta-8 THC, making it a low potency beverage with relaxing effects.

In addition to these new partnerships, the company has previously worked with Calexo to develop a THC-infused line of sparkling beverages, CBD-infused cold brew coffee from Caliva, the first-ever CBD sensual care products by CC Wellness, and a custom development partnership with Resonate Blends

From gummies to mixers, and seemingly everything in between, “Premium infused products continue to stand out, leveraging cannabinoids’ potential as active ingredients that can enhance a variety of sophisticated consumer packaged goods,” Ben Larson, Vertosa CEO said. “It’s an innovative and electrifying time for the industry.”


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